Monday, February 4, 2013

Is there a shovel visible in the Patterson Film???

MK Davis looks at the possibility that there is a "shovel" in frame 352 of the Patterson film. I noticed this suspicious object in one of MK's earlier post and alerted him that I thought I saw something unusual in the footage. Is it a shovel or a man made tool? If so what is it doing here? This was supposed to be a remote area, no one around, spontaneous event, makes you wonder.


  1. Grammy here: thank you, Scott. This is the second piece of evidence from the Patterson film that seriously impresses me. The comparison of shadow length in a Davis video you posted previously is one. That canNOT be subjective! And that object in this photo canNOT be a natural object. Thanks for your sharp eyes, and thanks for posting M.D. Davis's videos.

  2. Thank you Scott ...enjoyed this too . Good lesson to always keep our eyes and minds OPEN , even if we don't understand what we see or hear right away .Thankfully ones like you are out there looking , and willing to share with others who would if they could .

  3. Great eye Scott!! IMO it sure looks like a shovel. It's amazing,how many times we all watch this short film,and have things still popping out! Thanks for sharing this with us.