Monday, January 21, 2013

Bigfoot Eyeshine From 2010 - A Closer Look

I am going back and taking a closer look at several of my videos. The eye shine I captured during a camping trip in 2010 continues to yield information. When I took a close look I noticed in a few frames you could see the detail of the left eye of the adult Bigfoot. The iris is clearly visible.

I also noticed something I had missed earlier, critics said this was just leafs reflecting light, but I noticed that the light did not penetrate the area where the eye shine is located. When I shine my flashlight to the right of the area the light penetrates into the foliage.

I also noted you could see the mouth and nostril of the adult.

Below is a animated GIF that demonstrates the mouth opening and closing.

Below is the video of the eye shine:


  1. I enjoy the fact of you sharing your videos with us. I watched others, but always keep coming back to yours. I beleive it is because yours are more informative, down to earth, no theatrics, Just plain good documentation. Although, I am wondering why you would say the little one is an infant. Could he not be a teenager? I have pictured myself holding my own child in the position above, mine always end up more in the crook of my arm. It just doesnt seem natural. But then again, you have shown that what you see with your own eyes verses what the camera shows you can be 2 different things. I immensely enjoy your updates. Thank you.

  2. Can you verify picture of bigfoot print in my blog. Just accidentially found one today. Thanks