Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bigfoot, Feral Human, or Pareidolia - Updated - Video Link Added

In the summer of 2011 I was enjoying a walk with my dog. I was on vacation at a lake side campground and was taking advantage of the walking trails that skirted the edge of the lake. I should tell you that this campground is only 2 miles away from my main research area. I should also tell you that I have had Bigfoot activity at my campsite the previous year.

It was dusk as we made our way back to our campsite when I noticed a dark figure  run between the trees approximately 75 yards off the trail to my left. I took my video camera (I never go into the woods without it and this day I was filming my back trail just in case) and zoomed into the area where I had noticed the movement.

My dog "J" was sensing something and she became very nervous and agitated as I tried to film. More than once she pulled on the lease so hard I lost my balance. She did not want to be there!

Zooming in a saw a interesting subject. It looked like the head and shoulders of someone or something leaning out from behind a tree in the exact location I saw the movement just a few moments earlier.  The light conditions were not good since it was getting dark. I had a dog constantly pulling on me and I was trying to look through a very small, unlit view finder on my Sony Handycam while at full zoom. I could see the "face" of the subject. I first thought this was just paredolia but even in the field in my gut I knew that is not what I was looking at. 

"J" my Pit Bull
I could "feel" the subject watching me and my dogs strong reaction backed up that gut feeling. I zoomed in and out on the subject for several minutes before relenting to my dog's desire to get the heck out of there. 

When I was able to sit down at the computer and go over the video I realized I had captured something that was not paredolia. I saw movement of the head, changes in facial expressions, a very clear and distinct left ear! The subject was not attractive, balding, deep set eyes, bulbous nose. The left shoulder and left upper chest are visible during the zoomed in portion of the footage. I noticed it appears that you can see gray flesh through the hair of the upper left chest. 

Note the head changing position and the facial expression changing
 The subject is odd looking. It has some Bigfoot features but then some very human features. Is this a Bigfoot/Human hybrid? Is this a feral human living in the wild? Is this something else?

Close up after "Blurity" Filter Applied

I know critics will claim lights, shadows, pareidolia which is understandable, but I think a closer, objective look reveals much more. Do I know what I captured on video? No, but I know it is not light and shadows.



  1. Never a dull moment. It is a pretty good picture at the end. Looks fairly human.

  2. I think it is a BigFoot that has early balding on his forehead, just like some humans do. I can see big cone head, his eyes, the big left ear, and his nose and mouth. The best signal is that your dog wanted to run and sensed the BigFoot. You knew he was out there somewhere! Thanks for another great video.

  3. if im currect that creature hs earlobes on his left ear and if u look close enough u can see teeth