Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bigfoot Tool Use

Does the Bigfoot use tools? First let me say I think the Bigfoot matches or exceeds us in intelligence. I also think the Bigfoot chooses to live "minimalist" life style. I think they are capable of using tools, making fire, and even understanding our technology. I think they use what ever material is at hand when there is a need. A prime of example of this is in a BFRO report where a eyewitness watches a Bigfoot use two pieces of wood as a hammer and chisel. (

I recently found a hole in the ground that was surrounded by rocks. When I investigated I found a rock down in the hole with dirt on the end. The rock was wedged shaped and made very efficient digging implement. I also noted that the top layer of grass and dirt was cut and laid back. It appeared that the whole was to be filled back in and the top layer placed back over the whole.

Below is the video of my investigation. I also found a recently made partial footprint. I wondering if I disturbed the Bigfoot while he was digging this hole?

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  1. I wonder why they dig holes? Why not just mark an area with stick structures or rocks alone? Anyway good job.