Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The "Ugly" Bigfoot Part 2

Sketch of the "Ugly"Bigfoot
This Bigfoot was following me last spring as I made my way to a feeding station on the public land research area. I call this one the "Ugly" Bigfoot because of his stark facial features. In the first few frames the Bigfoot has a more traditional look, but as I move and the light changes the Bigfoot takes on a "goolish" look with deep black eyes and a stark gray face. I caught this Bigfoot on my "Back Trail" camera that I mount on my shoulder. I did not know I was being followed until I reviewed the video footage at a later date.

Below is a loop of the facial movement before the light and movement distort the facial features. The gray skin has a "silverish" tent as the sun reflects off it.

  Below are still captures of the "goolish" look.


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  1. BRILLIANT Scott, these shots are just brilliant. You continually get awesome results time and time again. This is the reward for all those hours out in the field and all the hard work and time spent pouring over hours of camera footage. At the moment no other researcher comes anywhere near to getting the evidence you get. I hope you get the recognition you deserve one day my friend.