Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bigfoot Mint "Gift"

The actual rock stack with the mint "gift"
During a research outing in May of 2010 I stopped along the way to eat a snack and rest. My insect repellent was wearing off and I was being aggravated by  menacing mosquitoes. After I finished eating I refreshed the repellent. The wind blew some in my face and this caused me to grimace and sneeze several times. 

I recovered from the sneezing fit and walked on out the trail. Approximately an hour later I returned down the same trail on my way out. Placed on the edge of a stump beside the trail was a stack of rocks. Under the top rock was a plant limb. It was wild mint. I did some research and discovered that mint is a natural insect repellent! Did a Bigfoot watch me struggling with the mosquitoes and insect repellent and decide to help me out? Below is the video of me discovering the mint on the rock stack.

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  1. Are the rock piles you find always made up of 6 stones? Did you check to see if anything took the flower and candy bar later?