Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bigfoot Stick Sturctures and Trail Markers

The Bigfoot in my areas of research do not make many "stick structures" but when they do they are extremely interesting. The one I have found in two different locations is the X with a sapling balanced across the center forming a Star. I tried to elicit a response by creating my own stick structure. When I returned two weeks later I found this amazing "Star" stick structure next to mine. It almost appeared as if the Bigfoot was showing off.

 On the left is my attempt at a stick structure and on the right is what the Bigfoot constructed.

Below is the Star stick structure

Notice the sapling perfectly balanced in the middle of the structure.

Below is a close up of how the sticks were weaved together. Note that the balancing sapling ins placed underneath the rest of the saplings. It would be impossible in my opinion for this to be randomly formed with a sapling perfectly balanced in the middle.

 Below is the second stick structure I found about 300 yards away from this one. It forms a star with a sapling balanced in the middle also.

 Note the weave of the limbs above much like the first structure.

Above I show where another sapling was placed above the weave and the balanced sapling.

Another oddity I have found many times is what I call a trail marker. A limb with a Y in it will be broken off then placed back on the remaining stub to hang down as as demonstrated in the diagram below.

Below is an example of the Bigfoot Trail Marker.

Below I show how the Y came from the stub it was hanging on.



  1. Couldn't sleep or just working late...noticed the post time of 3:12 AM...or maybe you're just up early. Regardless, this is pretty odd but interesting. I wonder what they are trying to say or express? There's a lot of "Teepee" and stick leaning structures and other stuff laying on the ground...but these are pretty unique at least from what I've seen posted. Maybe they were just showing off, but you still have to wonder...What the heck? Another mind provoking post...Thanks, Scott for posting all you have this past year. It's been a really good one...wonder what 2013 will bring? Wishing a very Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family...

  2. Was there anything remarkable about the orientation or location of the structure? Why did you make your own structure in the place you did? Could you figure out the order of assembly for the structure made by the other 'agent'?