Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zapped By Bigfoot At The Last Moment

Sketch of the Infant Bigfoot
In the spring of 2010 I was walking along a stream in the National Park. I was filming to my left then would move the camera in front of me. Directly in front of me approximately 30 feet a small black figure leaned out from behind a tree and looked at me. I captured 22 frames of what appears to be an infant Bigfoot. The only problem is when I get almost on top of the location I stop filming. 10 minutes later I start filming again in a completely different location. I have no recollection of the Bigfoot or what happen. I only know that when I reviewed the video 3 days later I found this footage.

Below are still captures from the video before I was zapped.

The Bigfoot peeking behind the tree

Actual still capture

Bigfoot from 2009 Zapping.
The question is, was I hit with infrasound or as many Bigfoot researchers say "zapped"? This was not the first time I had been zapped. The first time I saw a Bigfoot back in 2009 I was zapped and walked away from the encounter mumbling incoherently with the video recorder running. This is why I tell anyone who will listen ALWAYS have your video camera on and recording when you are in the woods. You never know when something like this may happen.

I was also zapped when I took the footage of the sneering Bigfoot. This ability to zap and cause memory loss or confusion is difficult o explain or understand. I have no explanation only video footage I have no recollection of recording. I often wonder how many other times I have been zapped and what did I see? 


  1. that is really fascinating....i have much to learn...w

  2. Scott, do you think this may be why most people don't see them. Or why researchers don't seem them either, when they are only a few feet away. I'm wondering if they have some sort of way to "cloak" themselves. By that I mean they appear to be able to emit some sort of "energy field", especially collectively. Some the videos I've reviewed lately sort of show this. In one instance they appear to be grouped together in 4 or 5's forming a pyramid of sorts hugging and standing on one another to give the illusion of a large tree stump or boulder (a large black mass of sorts) and the researcher walks past them, literally only a couple feet away without any sense or idea they are there. In another instance, which I shared with you, some appear to be in a tree and they seem to group themselves in such a way that they blend in with the tree trunk by holding on to one another while wrapping their arms and legs around the tree trunk. They appear to be stacked or connected to one another end to end, so to speak. The reason I say they may be able to emit some sort of energy field is that, in this example, there appears to be a haze or fog of some type covering them, all the way up and down the trunk, where ever they are holding on together. You can see through it but it makes it difficult to recognize what is there, which could be their way of preventing detection. Obviously this is pure speculation on my part and an expression of MVHO. But it sort of fits into the experiences you and other researches have talked about. This is getting like the old cliche'..."the further I go the behinder I get!" Extremely interesting and thought provoking...thanks once again, Scott.

  3. Reading through my copy of Dr. Meldrum's book "Sasquatch
    Legend Meets Science", I came upon an illistration of
    an air sac that primates are reported to have. The reason given was it forms a resonating chamber at least
    in theory. If bigfoot has such an air sac, perhaps it may be the source of infra-sound.

  4. I am by no means an expert but after reading Danny Vendramini's book, "Us and Them" (if you have not read it, please do, he does not believe in cryptids but his ideas are amazing) I wonder if we were once regularly hunted by creatures like this and if what field researchers are perceiving as being "zapped" is not, in fact, a vestigial "prey" response similar to a Deer or bird being frozen in fright in response to a predator or head lights. Is that possible?