Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bigfoot and Infrared - Video Posted

The eyes of a Bigfoot illuminated by IR light
I have posted a YouTube video that examines what infrared light from game cameras may look like to a Bigfoot. I use my Sony Handycam in "Night Shots" mode, which means it can pick up infrared light, to video a game camera as it illuminates the darkness with infrared emitters. The results are astounding. What looks like a faint red glow to the naked eye becomes a bright white light to the infrared sensing camera. If the Bigfoot can see in the infrared spectrum (and I think they can) then anytime a trail camera is tripped they would see a blinding bright light penetrating the darkness. 

Bigfoot moving erratically in front of the game camera
I think this is one reason they approach the game cameras from the side or from behind and never from directly in front. It also gives a plausible explanation to why the Bigfoot move erratically and very fast whenever they do step out in front of the camera. The camera records a 30 frames per second, the Bigfoot in the automated GIF stepped in front of the camera and the approached it in less than 15 frames or 1/2 a second. 

Below are examples of the Bigfoot sneeking up to the camera from the side and leaning out to look at it.

I hope one day we can have a better technology for capturing them on camera. 

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