Thursday, October 25, 2012

No "Butts" About It! - MK Davis Demonstrates Patty Not A Man In A Suit

MK Davis has posted a video of the Patterson Film's "First Walk" sequence. In this video you can clearly see Patty's butt cheeks and the lack of hair on them. You can see them clinch together as she is walking.

I also think Patty has a visible pony tail with some sort of material used to tie a knot around the hair to hold it back.

I think that MK Davis has shown us that the first walk sequence yields the conclusive data that this is REAL living, breathing subject, not a "man in a suit".



  1. Seems like it would make a better toilet paper
    commercial than the bears do.

  2. I love how M.K. Davis was able to find so much detail, like the fact that she has her hair tied back, the neck movement and muscle movement in her back and legs, the jiggling breasts, the defined spine and fat rolls, and of course, the butt cheeks! That is quite a work of art he produced.