Friday, October 26, 2012

Calf Muscles and Fingers - MK Davis Shows Frames 61 and 72

MK Davis has posted another interesting video that continues to make the case that the Patterson film is authentic and irrefutable. The calf muscle and fingers are pointed out in the video. You can also see what I contend is the hair placed into a pony tail.

Below is the close up of the calf and the "pony tail"

It appears that the hair is "stiff" and as the Bigfoot looks down the hair that forms the pony tail raises off the back and creates a shadow on the back
Also note the length of the arm, it hangs down to the knee!!

The hand movement


  1. the arm does NOT hang down to the knee!!!

  2. Yes it does, the yellow line goes straight across the knee in the photo above you better look again friend...

  3. Ok , I know I'm old, but should we be dusting off our
    old film cameras. After all these years this piece of
    film still stands up. All the digital stuff seems to be
    questioned because of photoshopping. Are the programs that detect any type of photoshop manipulation reliable?
    Can a program run a check on a picture or video posted
    on the web. Or is the image too corrupted by then?

    1. I agree, but I don't even know if you can find film or anyone to develop it!