Monday, October 29, 2012

MK Davis' Face In The Lens Video - Enhanced

MK Davis has posted a "cleaned" up version of the "Face In The Lens" video. I took the best still capture from the loop and enhanced it. I was able to get a little over half a face. One eye, nose, mouth, left side of the face and forehead. Using these components I make a interpretive sketch of what the Bigfoot may look like. 

I adjust the contrast, brightness, and sharpened the photograph to bring out the details.
 I then cut out the parts of the face that are visible.
Below I develop the sketch from the partial face.

Below is the finished sketch.

 I found it interesting that this Bigfoot looked very similar to the sketch I did of the "Eye In The Lens" Bigfoot. It is my understanding both these videos were captured in the same general area. Are these the same Bigfoot?



  1. It wan't til I saw your sketch that my eyes
    focused on the mouth then the rest. Thanks.

  2. Scott the weather map from "Sandy" was showing eastern
    Tennesee with heavy snow. Hope you and yours are OK.

    1. All is good in the foot hills no snow, just rain and cold..