Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Infrasound – The Bigfoot “Sonar”

Is this Bigfoot producing "Infrasound?"
Theory – Bigfoot have the ability to use infrasound to locate man-made objects. The infrasound is used to cause these materials to resonate (vibrate) and the Bigfoot can sense or hear these vibrations.

Whales, dolphins, and Bats have a natural form of sonar. They produce clicks or sounds (whale songs) and have the ability to sense if the sound bounced off an object. They can use this natural sonar to locate and catch prey.

I think the Bigfoot can produce and use infrasound to identify and locate objects much like the whales dolphins, and bats use clicks and audible sounds. The Bigfoot will produce a low frequency sound below 20 Hz (Infrasound). The sound waves will cause objects to resonate or vibrate. The Bigfoot can sense this vibration to locate and even tell the content of the object.

Objects or matter resonate at different frequencies, wood, flesh, rocks, etc will all vibrate differently. I think the Bigfoot have the sensitively to tell the difference between these objects based on the return vibration they make when the objects resonate or vibrate. The Bigfoot learn through life experience what trees, rocks, water, deer, squirrels, people, metal, plastic, glass, etc sound like when they use infrasound to make them vibrate. The Bigfoot knows what sounds the local environment emits. Just as we know the sounds of our home, TV, clocks, feet walking around, creeks, fans running etc, in similar fashion the Bigfoot knows the sounds of it's home when it projects infrasound.

I think the Bigfoot projects infrasound into an area and if it senses or “hears” the vibration of plastic or metal it knows there could be something man made in the area. In other words the Bigfoot actually know what a trail camera or human technology sounds like or better how these man made objects vibrate when exposed to infrasound.

Therefore no matter how well we hide or camouflage the cameras the Bigfoot can still find them. Even if the camera has no electronic emissions it does not matter. The Bigfoot have a built in “technology detector”. Anything made of plastic or metal can be detected using this method.

I also think the Bigfoot can locate humans in the same manner. Again no matter how well we hide if the Bigfoot sense trouble they can use infrasound to “scan” a area then they can locate us! This would explain the “supernatural” abilities often attributed to the Bigfoot.

I know what your thinking, “well people surprise them from time to time, they walk in front of hunters in full camouflage or those in tree stands” how do you explain that? I think that the Bigfoot are not constantly going around using their “sonar”. I think when they are comfortable or feel secure then the probably do not use it, just as whales are not constantly signing. When the Bigfoot need it they use it. I also think this skill has to be learned and perfected, and some Bigfoot are better at it than others.  The Bigfoot are unique individuals so each uses this ability based on its own needs, wants, and desires.

"Plot Watcher" Bigfoot
If my theory is true then we will have even more difficulty getting close up HD video of the Bigfoot. This “sonar” would definitely explain their uncanny ability to avoid trail cameras and other forms of human technology. It would explain why they immediately located the “Plot Watcher” cameras I placed in the National Park. It also would explain how they located and then messed with my trail cameras. Once they locate this odd sounding box, they investigate it to determine if it is dangerous then they disabled them.

I freely admit I am not an acoustical expert or trained in the field, I only have my knowledge, research, field experience, and some common sense to draw from. I do think my theory is plausible and merits further investigation.


  1. If this is true, then it seems the only way we're going to be able to observe bigfoot is if someone takes the time to befriend/habituate them, like Diane Fossey with the highland gorillas.

  2. I tend to agree with you Karla. "Fooling" them is not going to work. I know that the videos the MK has came from a habituation site where the Bigfoot were feed regularly over a 10 year period. It takes time to develop that kinda of relationship with them. I do not think there are any short cuts in the process. Time and patience...

  3. Scott, if your theory is valid, and I believe it is,
    the ability of bigfoot to use infra-sound as both an
    echo-location device and defensive mechanism (as in the
    zapping) may be unique in the animal world. Unless the
    zapping is merely a by-product of the echo-location and
    not a defensive mechanism at all. The effect on our senses could be a result of us just being overly sensative to the wave length of the "sonar".

  4. Incredible. This if proven would explain a few more oddities and situations as well. Awesome

  5. I am sorry to say, but this theory is not likely to be true. Although it is true that large animals can produce infra-sound, and yes, this can be used as a defensive mechanism; Infra-sound can not be used very well for localization.

    High pitched vibrations are far better suited for this, because they are reflected by most objects and not absorbed. This is why for instance you hear low frequency sounds coming from your partying neighbor and not the high pitch vibrations.