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Exclusive - Live Long Bigfoot Experiances

"Mindy" at age 12
 "Mindy" from Minnesota tells of her life long experiences with the Bigfoot.

By “Mindy”
I’ve been to over 50 different lakes of Minnesota (including a few in Riding Mountain Canada: Manitoba).  Also have been to Lake of the Woods and portaging in the boundary waters canoe area.  This all took place from age 5-early 20’s.  I received a B.A. in Biology from a college in northern MN.  It was here that I took a backpacking class and backpacked around Snowbank Lake in northern Minnesota a grueling 23 miles up and down a rocky/hilly path but my experience with primal man (Bigfoot, Sasquatch) occurred mainly on one lake.  There were a couple other occurrences that include Hormel Nature Center of Austin Minnesota and another I’m not clear of the location possibly Lake of the Woods.  Also, I had observed scattered all over these areas occasional formations made of sticks that were suspicious in nature and left me wondering “what made that?”.  All these suppressed memories came flooding to my conscious mind after the doctor put me on a prescription of 50,000 units of Vitamin D (once a week for 2-3 months) as I am deficient due to an indoor job with no windows.

I cannot disclose the property of where the primal family has been known to inhabit (even if it was intermittently) as this is only for researchers to know as well as the locals for their own safety.   It all began in the heart of Minnesota lake country near White Earth Indian Reservation.  Of course I didn’t arrive until 1963 and then it would be a few years before I was exploring the woods.  It’s located on a beautiful lake. 
Approximately: Spring 1967
Primal Male with Reddish hair:
The first encounter was when I was about 4 ½ years old after a Sunday meal in early spring.  I love to be outside and I decided to go for a walk and headed south from the house we were visiting.  I walked just beyond the property and here it turned into woods with grass.  I walked right up to what appeared to be a man lying on the ground.  He had longer red hair covering his body, white skin and was just a little bigger than an average sized man about 22-28 years of age.  He had a big smile on his face when he saw me.  He reached for my index finger of my right hand and pulled me towards him very gently.  I was being careful not to lean on his chest as he seemed different.  He pulled my index finger to his mouth and made a sound similar to a person in a dentist chair when the dentist is working on a tooth.  I thought he must have a tooth ache way in back of his mouth.  He had beautiful white teeth. I was asking him questions and he was definitely vocalizing something but had no syllables more like a babble or like when a baby is pretending to talk but with no real enunciation of words.  I was asking him things like is something wrong with your mouth?  Is something wrong with your tooth?  After one question it was almost like he was trying to form the word yes…more like “eeeeiiiiahh”. But it may have been more the inflection of his speech like excitement that he was trying to communicate. May be that is what he was trying to tell me is that he couldn’t speak English.  Even so it seemed he was trying to appear that he possibly knew what my questions were.  I found it to be very frustrating that I couldn’t get clear communication.  I felt helpless in this situation.  I was so young and I didn’t know what he wanted so I pretended he had a tooth ache and said I would go get some help.  I then left him and went to get my little brother who would have been about 2 1/2 years of age.  (Our family was very male dominated and I was given the impression that boys are more important than girls.  Also, he was my buddy.)  He was at the house.  I told him that there was a man in the woods that has a tooth ache and that maybe we could help him.  So we walked back down to where the man lay.  I said “Can we see your tooth?”  And by this time the man had fallen asleep and we startled him.  He put his arms straight above his head (it reminded me of an orangutan) and then rolled over with his back to us indicating that he didn’t want to be bothered.  So I quietly told my brother “We better leave him alone he needs to rest”.  I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t get up and I think I started to refer to him as a “Sick man in the woods”.  So we went up to the house. 

Approximately: 1968 or 1969
Stick Formations:
Occasionally while hiking different areas of Northern Minnesota, we would see different stick formations and make me wonder “what did that”.  One instance in particular there were some small sticks that were 1-2 inch diameter and approximately 1 -2 feet long and about 6-7 were leaning up against the base of the tree.  I thought nothing of it and I used all them for firewood.  The next day more appeared!  I asked “Dad did you put those sticks there?”.  He said “No”.  So I feel this could have been a prankster primal man or one that was remaking a possible territorial marker. 
Primal girl teenager:
This is one of the incidents where I’m unsure of the location.  I was younger possibly 5 to 7 years old.  I was playing outside and noticed a teen primal girl standing next to a tree.  She had dark brown hair and eyes.  She was intent on looking at something going on further away.  I noticed she was different and I was a little scared.  I tried to get a response by asking her a question.  She turned and growled at me (no other movements except a turn of the head) and then went back to looking at whatever it was further away.  I kept my distance and walked back a ways and pretended to be looking at objects then occasionally look up to see if she was still there.  For some reason it felt like I was unable to go around her.  I’m unable to remember the exact landscape but I think this was more than this.  Yet I was able to walk up to her to ask a question. This could also have just been my fear but there was something I definitely sensed that I was unable to walk behind her to go around. I was in distress and felt I was unable to make it to my mom like I should have in a timely manner.  She was a teen approximately 15 years of age.  I don’t remember a whole lot of details because I was mainly looking at the face.  A good looking girl with white skin.  No facial hair.  When she left approximately 15 minutes later then I felt I could walk back to where my mom was.
Late 1970’s:
Whole potato plants pulled up:
My friend expressed concern that something was pulling up his potatoes whole plants and all.  He was going to try and stay up all night to see what was doing it.  The next morning I asked him if he saw what it was and he said “No”.
Tracks scratched out:
This same time frame my friend was showing me some strange markings on the ground.  It was as if someone took their feet and did one long scrape with one foot then the same with the other.  He said “I don’t understand what could have done that”.  I said “I’ve been wondering that also…the same marks are going up the hill in back of our house.  (We lived 100 miles northwest).
Approximately early 1980’s:
Logs in X formation:
Midway down my friends driveway on the neighbors side was a big X made out of logs.  This was new since I had visited last.  I asked my him “Did you make that big X out of logs in the woods next to the driveway?  He said “No” with a concerned look on his face.  No one really investigated this further.  The neighbors wouldn’t have done this as they were only there intermittently.
Primal male swimming:
Another time while at my friends I saw what looked like an animal of some kind swimming in early evening across the lake to the neighbor’s property.  It swam very fast and had a larger head.  It had reddish brown fur and was so far away I couldn’t make out facial features.  I kept wanting to see it come out of the water but the trees were in the way.  This I feel was an adult primal man.
Primal woman with twins:
Another separate incident was while night fishing.  I’m not sure of what lake this was and could have been Lake of the Woods.  I saw what appeared to be a mother bear and twin cubs coming down to the waters edge…but at the time I was thinking to myself those cubs look different…they looked like monkeys.  Thinking back this was a primal mother with twins.  She seemed to have very dark hair as well as her kids.  She thought nothing of us being out there in the boat fishing.  She just looked around and was in a squatting posture while her kids played around her.  She made no noise.  She had a white face no facial hair. 

Approximately late 1980’s:
Escorted out of the woods:
I was playing with my nephews who are very energetic.  I needed a break and walked down a path in the woods that led to an old cabin.  I noticed on this path unusually a smell of horses when no horses were present.  So I walked further down and heard a “click” straight ahead and “click” toward the lake.  These were mouth clicks like when you take your tongue and make a “wood knock” sound.  I couldn’t identify it with any animal I had ever heard.  About 40-60 feet in front of me lay a black furry thing that was actually flatter than a bear.  I thought “Oh my, I better get out of here in case it’s a bear.  I also felt a creepy feeling and so I turned and headed back to the house.  I could hear behind me “Thump”…. “Thump”….. “Thump”.  Something with 2 legs was gaining on me and I was afraid to turn around.  Whether it was instinct or primal man telling me (telepathically):
I kept thinking when I get to the lawn I’ll be okay it’s just something I knew.  I trotted a little at the end because he was getting close.  I heard him turn up the property line as I was coming out to the lawn.  I saw my nephew standing there and he was looking at what was behind me.  I didn’t look back and went straight into the house.  I tend to block things out because of abuse in my childhood.  Anything shocking I would block out and repress right away.  So I went into the house and the memory was repressed that fast.  Later I went outside and my nephew said “Mindy did you see that man behind you?”  He went like this….and he imitated him by making 3-4 gigantic steps.  He said “He went in the woods”.  I had already repressed the memory and said “No I did not”.  Later on we were on the lawn playing and heard what sounded like children playing way back in the woods probably the area of the “clearing”.  Then all 3 of us heard a woman scream.  It didn’t sound like she was in pain…just upset.  I’m wondering if it was a primal woman being told that they had to move on by the sentry because I had been escorted out and they may be found by more people.….not sure.

Primal family swimming:
So that night I was planning on spending the night in the tent with my nephews.  They chickened out on me so I decided to stay out there by myself.  I put the tent on the lawn in an area closer to the lake and next to the woods.  So I had a flashlight with me and my sleeping bag.  It was warm enough outside that I just slept on top of the bag.  Around 1-2am that night I heard what sounded like people swimming in front of the woods next door.  They were being very quiet with occasional “Oohs”, “Aahs”, and soft giggles.  It was so quiet that you would have to be outside in order to hear it. No one would ever swim there because it was mossy type weeds and mucky in that bay.  So even though I thought it was strange I went back to sleep. 
Mindy's sketch of the Juvenile beside her
Juvenile male with dark brown hair in my tent:
Much later that night approximately 5am I was hearing a few calls in the form of “hoops” of slightly different locations in the woods nearby (seemed like a couple sounded female) and I was thinking to myself uh oh they are on their way over but I was so tired and didn’t bother paying attention so fell back asleep then later.…I awoke to a very quiet rustling inside of the tent.  So I grabbed the flashlight and turned it on.  Here was a juvenile primal man in my tent!  He had dark brown hair full length of him, a long narrow body, scruffy head, no facial hair and white skin.  He also had the biggest smile on his face and sighed a little just after I turned on the light.  He was excited to be there almost like he had been waiting to be alone with me.  So I looked him over quickly his whole length.  Then he starts to do a jittering motion with his mouth.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen wolves when one wants to join a pack.  They show their teeth and take a submissive posture and without clicking teeth move the mouth silently with jaw moving quickly back and forth.  This is what he was doing.  All this was happening so fast and had very little time to think.  My mind was racing: here I have what is supposedly a fictitious character in my tent and “YOU ARE REAL!!!!!!”, this was so “awesome”, “majestic” and at the same time “Creepy”.  Yet I didn’t know what he was capable of if I outright rejected him.  So I rolled over and put my back to him.  This would give me time to think and I wanted to give him a neutral response.  Then he started poking me and making an “Ehhhhh” sound, over and over and over.  He was extremely persistent.  I lost track of time….not sure how long this went on for …possibly ½ hour to 45 minutes?  I was in distress and so scared I was afraid to move.  I even felt this is it I could die right here on my friends’s lawn!”.  Then someone came out of the house and he bolted right out of the tent!  I stayed a little while longer.  By the time I got up I had blocked out this incident as well.
Next evening…
Same juvenile male in full view presentation:
As the sun was going down…the same juvenile primal man showed himself in full view in the garden.  This was approximately 70-80 feet away.  I thought “What is that?” and was scared and went into the house….  There may have been someone with me that may have said that very thing…but I or we went into the house right away…  He had a narrow body, dark brown hair with a reddish tinge.  This time he was expressionless…no smile but it was as if he wanted a second chance to see if he could “join my pack” so to speak.  I never saw him again but may have heard him some years later….

Mid 1980’s…
Primal male encircling house during the night:
I was visiting my friend’s and in the middle of the night a primal man kept circling the house around and around and around…all the while making grunts…groans….and occasionally knocking on the house….almost sounded angry.  He kept doing this and I got a sense by telepathy or just a feeling…not sure how but…felt like he was saying “Stay put, I’m coming in..”  He came onto the porch and stole the candy from the dish and left.  Looking back I wonder if he knew I was there and a little angry that I didn’t let him in our/my “pack”….not really sure.  Also, not quite sure if he may have been just plain hungry and wanted something to eat.
Small present:
It may have been the next morning a small rodent like a vole (dead) was found on the steps to the patio.  My friend was showing me this…he then looked at the woods and was muttering(whispering) something to himself.  He didn’t own a cat and at the time didn’t have a dog.
Around this same time frame…not sure if it was the same weekend it could have been.  I was drawn to go outside while it was dark..  I was on my friend’s lawn but walked down by the lake in the similar area where the tent I had pitched many years previously.  I didn’t really know why I was out there. So I walked up the lawn parallel to the woods.  I heard a few “animal” noises that sounded like squirrels scolding me and also hissing.  ..they were angry with me.  Looking back I’m guessing there were probably 3 primal people low to the ground just in the woods that were scolding me.  There were not any red or grey squirrels out that time of night.  The flying squirrels I don’t believe do this and are very quiet (these were located on the other side of the house).  They pretty much kept their distance and stayed outside the property line.  I went back in the house and thought it was a little strange.  It is possible that it could been another animal possibly an opossum.  But I’ve only heard opossums hiss and not scold like a squirrel…it sounded more like humans imitating a squirrel.
They know my name:
I don’t have a time frame but another time at my friends I heard my name called from the woods and I knew no one was out there and I couldn’t see anyone.  It was still light out possibly early evening.  It sounded rather “ghosty” like “Minnneeehhh”.  It sounded like from a male.
Late 1990’s
Hormel Nature Center, Austin Minnesota.
Primal male sentry peeked out and growled:
I was walking with my daughter on the road that is next to the meadow of the nature center coming back from the farmers field.  (There is a path that goes out to a tower and we were on our way back).  This was approximately 50 feet in from the farmers field.  The woods was on our left.  As we were walking I heard a growl similar to a bear sound.  I looked up and the tall bushes were moving as if something had just parted the bushes and ducking down.   I heard no footsteps and no underbrush were moving.  I really didn’t feel this was a bear as bear are unusual in this area.  It made a bear like sound and I feel this could have been a primal man on the lookout.  He saw it was us and ducked back down.  The bushes were tall and the movement of branches was about 6-7 feet off the ground.
Spring 2012
Primal male(?) still going undetected today:
We visited the area of where my friend had lived.  A couple evenings we went to the property where the primal people had been seen.  We found human looking scat and was amazing that one could be still using the property even in the midst of houses going up all around.  Interestingly, a previous owner said of all the years they have lived there that no one has actually seen what has been getting into the garbage. 
My daughter felt something was watching us from some distance away when we were at the property.  This is the way it is …you can sense them because they have a soul.  They are human just like us.  Even though they may be primal they are still human. 
Personal thoughts:
These are human beings and should be respected.  They have a soul and spiritual aspects similar to humans.  They are not shape shifters of humans, although could have the ability to shape shift similarly as modern humans.  (Shape shifting is more likely found in areas of Africa, and other native groups of people).  Missionaries have stories of different native people shape shifting into animals.  An example is a man picking up a bunch of elderly ladies then dropping off goats instead of ladies.  Then another man picking up the goats to take to market and these turn back to elderly ladies where they ask “What are you going to do with us?.  Then the man dropped them off.  This is what seem to be in areas where there is heavy demonic influences. So say you are looking at what you thought was a person: primal or modern, then they disappear and a strange looking bird or animal is in its place.  You should be able to tell the difference if it is a real bird or a shape shifted bird.  The shape shifted bird/animal would look very sickly and strange. 
They are not Native American leaders out in the wild.  Although Native American leaders do sometimes go on spiritual “quests” in the wild this is a separate entity than primal people. 
I believe that legislation should be put out to put a stop to hoaxing as this is interfering with research and educating the public about the truth.
Spiritual side notes:
I feel that everyone especially people researching them should be spiritually prepared: the rugged terrain as well as risk of grizzlies etc….is very dangerous….and also the lack of cell phone coverage.  Also, no woman should be out in a tent alone, as well as hiking.  Women certainly should not be out in the woods hiking or tenting if they have their menstrual period.  This as well as sexual scents drive animals wild and can put everyone in the group at risk.  Some men in Yellowstone in the 1980’s were killed by grizzly bears because of the sexual scent on them.  (The press said it was smell of bacon etc..  this is incorrect and know firsthand by a friend who was working out there at the time.)
Being that I’m a Christian and know the truth I do feel obligated to witness to all of you my experience.  I was drawn by God to be alone with Him at a young age.  It was in a field some distance from my house that I gave my life to Jesus and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  No one told me what it was.  I thought I was the only one in the world with this experience.  The church I went to didn’t teach us about this.  This truth that I was filled with has shown me that Jesus is God, that there is a heaven and even a hell.  To explain it in a nutshell: Become born again (Salvation means Sozo in greek: or be healed and delivered) so: repent of your sins (break the bondages that hold you captive: for some this may take longer than others and stay away from sin), give your life to Jesus, keep praying until the change happens: this is not lip service but a real change in the heart), then pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The bible talks about a prayer language that is another “tongue”.  Believe it or not I was given a “tongue” that have had 2 people pray about and both felt it’s a primitive language….(primal people perhaps …not sure). Personally, I like Vineyard International churches for a place of worship its contemporary and is spiritually alive and not dead.
Further reading about the regional culture:  "Following the Fire" by Gerald Derstine. 


  1. Interesting story. I do have a problem with the repressed memory though...not saying this isn't true, but might add to the doubters' narrative. At least it wasn't something related to a psychiatric retrieval event but simply large doses of vitamin D that brought it back to her. Lack of D can certainly cloud your mind and cause memory problems (ask me how I know that), so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and consider her story plausible. I do appreciate her faithfulness and boldness to share the Gospel and your boldness as well Scott, not to edit it out. That gives her story additional credibility, IMHO. More of us should share our Christian faith without reservation or fear. This will undoubtedly draw criticism from some visitors to this blog, but that's OK...everybody is entitled to their own opinion and belief. Just as some believe in Bigfoot while others do not. Thought provoking and interesting as always...thanks for posting this, Scott.

  2. The concept of repressed memory ties in with the experience that you had Scott,if my memory serves me.
    Possibly a form of lost time brought on by infra-sound.
    The lady sounds like a gentle spirit which may make the
    primals feel at ease. For the sake of full disclosure
    as they say on the news shows, my daughter also belongs
    to the Vineyard church.

  3. Fascinating, I totally agree with Robin and Old Man and can think of very little to add.

    My son was given the gift of speaking in tongues and to interpret.I must say some who have this gift have such beautiful language and pitch it truly seems like angels are speaking.

    The Vit D has been almost like a miracle for me in all things mentally and physically.

    Thanks Scott for sharing Mindy's story with us.

  4. Fascinating story! I am more and more convinced that these bigfoot indeed have human DNA, but I believe that they have other DNA as well. I pray Melba releases all of the truth. Jesus said that when He returns it will be just as it was in the days of Noah. What was it like back then? Moral decay - heart corruption and flesh corruption - genetic mutations from the mixing of fallen angelic DNA and human DNA. The documented, filmed and other observed or experienced encounters with bigfeet increasingly suggest that these beings are something more than human. Be careful out there Scott!

  5. You people are awesome!...thanks for the comments...