Monday, October 1, 2012

Bigfoot Lurking In The Background? (Preview)

Is this a "Bigfoot"?
Many viewers have pointed out what appears to be a subject lurking in the background as a Bigfoot examines my trail camera in the "Bigfoot Infrared Silhouette" video. I had also noticed the suspicious looking figure that appears to be moving back and forth between the two trees in the background.

When I step through the video it appears there may be a another Bigfoot watching as the other Bigfoot examines the camera. Critics will claim its "Pareidolia", but I noticed that the subject changes position, has eye shine,  and appears to be moving up/down and from side to side which a figure caused by lights/shadows and our imagination can not do.

I am doing a full YouTube Video on this subject and will post in soon. Below is a short video clip of the subject between the trees.


Below are some still captures taken from different time stamps that are very interesting. Note that the "Face" changes the direction it is facing from left, right, and straight on.

 Is this a Bigfoot? Interesting question given the history of this area and the fact I have witnessed this behavior before. IMHO the probability if high that it is.

Composite drawing of the "Bigfoot"

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  1. Scott, looks like there are several subjects moving around in the background. Seems that where you see one, there's probably several more groups? Amazingly interesting!