Friday, September 28, 2012

Bigfoot Infrared Silhouette - YouTube Video Posted

The complete version of the "Bigfoot Infrared Silhouette" video has been posted on my  YouTube Channel. The most intriguing aspect of the video to me is how fast the Bigfoot moves and the way it moves. In the this segment the Bigfoot is standing in front of the camera in profile, then it bends down as it steps toward the camera. I also moves back and forth like it is trying not to present a easy target. It appears to be treating the camera as something potentially dangerous and it has the task to investigate the danger.

I also find it interesting how the Bigfoot stood to the side of the camera then stuck its head out. In this segment you can see the underside of the neck as it stretches out to look at the camera. It is often observed that the Bigfoot have a very short neck, you can see the underside of the neck in the looped segment but note how the top of the neck appears to blend into the shoulders. This segment supports the anatomy that has been observed about the neck and shoulders.

In this final segment the Bigfoot cautiously leans out just looking with the one eye. This is the clearest portion of the video because there is not IR wash out. The detail of the forehead can be seen including the protruding brow, forehead skin and wrinkles, and hair.

 Below is a full profile of the Bigfoot's face

 I was so close to getting a clear night time video, it is almost like the Bigfoot knew if it stayed close to the camera the IR would wash out the details.


  1. Great breakdown of the video. It does look very similar to the 'Whitey' captures. With moves like that, Coach Dooley might want to start recruiting in your research areas - put an orange jersey on that guy and Tennessee would have the fastest, strongest agile running back in all of college football history!

  2. Yea, can you imagine something 8 foot tall, 800lbs, running a sub 4 40 yard!!!!!!!

  3. somewhere in the pa. forestSeptember 29, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    hey joe, where are you going with that video camera in your hand? taken from hendrix but you probibably know that. all kidding aside joe you are one of the best dudes out there on the bigfoot trackers sites on the web. sure do mean that cause you don't have a f-ing agenda that i can see. the only thing thats counts for you i believe is finding the sasquatch unlike alot of the others out there. i like your approach and the respect for the people at home too! ok enough of the pats on the back just go get some more good bigfoot footage. you are the reason i started to lose some weight and walk my 23acres of property. thanks alot man! i'm just trying to say thanks without looking stupid dude.i got nothing yet but i'm still looking for sassy!

  4. awesome videos.....i think i want a present from them...not sure how to go about it...i think the ones in minnesota are more docile..haven't seen ones in TN yet...but i dont' want to run into dogmen..from