Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uknown Cryptid - Bigfoot? Dogman?

The Unknown Cryptid Moving
In October of 2011 I had finished a successful day in the field at the public land research area. I was tired and ready to go home. I was walking the trail out to my truck at a brisk pace when I walked by something hiding in the thick vegetation right beside the trail. I passed within a few feet of this Cryptid but was unaware of its presence. I fortunately had my back trail camera on my shoulder and recording. 
Below is a still capture pointing out the facial features of the Cryptid:

Cryptid opening its eyes and moving mouth
I was only able to capture 12 frames of the Cryptid. It had its eyes closed as I walked right beside it then opened its eyes after I walked past. Was it afraid I would see its eyes and recognize it? You can clearly see the eyes open and its head move slightly. It also opens its mouth for some unknown reason.

I do not know what it is to be honest.  It is so well hidden you can only see parts of its face on some of the black body through the thick vegetation. One thing is very interesting, the limbs in front of the face are reflecting the sunlight while the hair on its face and body appear to be absorbing the light!

The Cryptid hiding beside the trail

 Below are skecthes of the Cryptid as both a Dogman and a Hybrid Bigfoot.

 I have posted a video on my YouTube channel that details the encounter:


  1. Scott, I listened to the radio program Sunday
    night, good show. The sketches you did with the
    label of a hybrid brings forth a strange idea.
    What is breeding to produce a hybrid? Is dogman
    already a hybrid? Is bigfoot already a hybrid?
    Is a combination of the two even biologically

    1. All good questions! The more I get into BF research the weirder it gets, all I wanted was a weekend hobby, so much for that! These other Cryptids just started showing up. Let that be a lesson to other "Researchers" a "back trail" camera is a MUST! The interesting stuff is happening behind you!

    2. This brings up another puzzle. Why does the
      cryptids refuse to show themselves on a trailcam, yet peek out to be seen on a back
      trail camera? If as we suspect, they are seeing in the infra-red zone. Does the human
      shape cause them to drop their guard? Would
      a human mannequin equipted with a camera work? Maybe a scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. More questions than answers.

    3. This is so creepy. By the way the eyes are set back, it seems like a dog, but the way the mouth is, it looks like a bigfoot, or a persons lips. My god scott, either you are a great hoaxer, or these things go follow you everywhere. I believe the latter. Why aren't you scared to death? Or scared OF death?!!! Ì used to roam the forests as a kid, then I was chased out by something and I am scared even in the daylight now. My dad has seen sasquatch twice. He is not a liar either. This is nuts!!!

  2. Scott,

    In my opinion, looks like the Dogman - the nose/snout. Also, it seems that your Dogman captures have been VERY close to the trail - creepy! How do you attach your camera to your backpack strap?

  3. Great video and thanks for sharing! It does look more dog like than Sasquatch but then...speculation is what this field is all about at present right?! Cheers

  4. Scott,

    Looking at the above looped video again, are my eyes playing tricks on me or is there 'something else' smaller at the top left center of the screen opening its eyes and mouth at the same time the Dogman/Squatch is opening its eyes and mouth too?? It is a slightly lighter shade of color with dark eyes and lighter colored brows and a nose may even be visible. Maybe I need to go to bed, but I believe I see something else there that appears to be mimicking the larger cryptid!?

    1. I did a screen shot of this and lightened those areas and discovered that there is a baby sasquatch on the shoulder.

      Also, this is definately a sasquatch as I expanded the area and then did a Content-Aware fill in Photoshop instead of duplicating the area and flipping it and it gives it a much more realistic appearance, it is a much more accurate way of filling in an area.

    2. Jackie,

      Is there a way to see the screen shot you worked on?