Sunday, September 2, 2012

The MOGOLLON MONSTER Team Post Interesting Video from 2009

2009 Footprint by Mogollon Monster Team
Going back into their archives the Mogollon Monster Team posted a very interesting video from 2009. While away from camp it appears a large adult and a smaller juvenile went through the food and other things

The footprint was huge by any standards. The largest print I have ever found was 21 inches and this one was in that class. At first glance you are thinking someone was playing a joke on the team but when you look a little deeper this encounter looks very legitimate.

When questions were posed about cast and the condition of camp the team had these replies:

  • QUESTION: Print#1 is just astonishing! The length to width ratio looks perfect,the perfect height of the (6?) toes...evenly across from one another-and the perfect clarity! Wow, possibly one of the best! Question, what do you think about the lack of depth into the mud? From the size of the print(s) this guy conservatively weighs 400lbs. Consider having and then posting, an informal debriefing, it may shed new light onto an already highly successful trip. How many were casted? Great team, peace,
  • RESPONSES: All in all we took 5 casts on that trip. The baby prints had to be left in till the next day to harden enough to pull out of the mud, When we came back the nest morning, someone or some thing had pulled the prints out and flipped them over. Kind of like they were checking out what these white footprints were all about.
    That was a bit suspicious--the depth of the print in the mud, but when we cast the print, we learned there was a large flat rock about an inch under the mud. It couldn's sink in any further. Watch when Sterling steps on sand bar, he leaves hardly any print at all. There was only 5 toes, but lump of sand kind of makes it look like six. I don't think it was a trick. The ding-dongs were unwrapped without a tear, There were footprints around the table, but were not noticed until most had been walked on, and they were in dry sand which only left impressions. The honey colored dish soap was laying on it's side top open, soap dripping out. Looked like someone took a swig and threw it down.
    The "Infants" foot prints

    The Mogollon Monster Team does is doing some good my hats off to them and their efforts!


  1. The Mongollon Team has some awesome footage..although it takes a lot of time and patience to go through it all. I particularly like those "nest" videos. I also saw a baby squatch, well, two sets of eyes really, in one of those vids...very cool!

  2. Im confused,which isn't hard to do, that print is to clean. Prints usally show signs of push off, print to evenly flat/smooth?