Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trail Camera Reveals More Than "Eye Shine"

The trail camera I have placed in the National Park is capturing some very interesting wildlife behavior. I have placed the camera in the location where Bigfoot have been sighted recently. The deer that are captured on the camera appear at times to be overly nervous. On one occasion a very nice buck is spooked for no apparent reason. 

Another interesting aspect is the black bear behavior. Each time they are captured on video they are moving quickly through the area. This begs the question why are they acting so "spooked" in this area?

I have posted a YouTube video showing the trail camera videos:


  1. Notice the tail on the fawn working back and
    forth. This tells me that flies are bothering
    it. And if flies are around maybe bees are too.
    I've seen animals do strange things around insects. Of course maybe bigfoot scared them as
    he was trying to get some honey from the bees.

  2. Great video. You'll get'em on film yet. Wish I was there working with you ;-)