Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Am I Trying To Prove?

To be completely honest, nothing! I get a chuckle when people send me emails or write comments stating how I have "failed to prove  Bigfoot exist", or my "so called evidence falls short". I decided not long after I first started posting videos I was not going to try and prove that Bigfoot exist.  I think like many people at first I was all excited and wanted to "prove" the existence of Bigfoot. I soon found out that was an impossible task. No matter what you post, video, footprints, audio, hair, feces, stick structures, limb breaks, rock stacks, gift exchanges, food exchanges, etc, etc,  there is always an "alternative explanation".

Infrared Trail Cam Photo
I know they exist, I have seen them with my eyes, more than once. I have smelt them, I have heard them, and made direct eye contact. Trying to prove they exist now makes as much sense to me as proving the Sun and the Moon exist, why?

I post what I find, what I record, and what I experience. If I think I have a video of a Bigfoot I say so, why dance around it? Why say things like "suspected", "possible", and "alleged". I tell you what I think and it is based on knowledge and my personal experience. You can agree or disagree. If we all agreed on everything what a boring world this would be.

"Bigfoot" Hair
This post was inspired by a flurry of emails and comments I have received lately. Many well meaning and polite people are going into great detail to explain to me that what I have is not proof, how I fall short, etc. etc. I appreciate their opinions but I sometimes think they miss the point. I am not trying to post "proof". I am posting experiences and encounters. I am posting what I think are images, footprints, hair, sounds, etc of actual Bigfoot. This is my journal, my note pad to scratch down thoughts and ideas. That is why I called this blog the "Bigfoot Field Journal". That is how I am approaching the research. This is my place to record experiences, notes, and thoughts about what I find and experience when I am in the woods. Then share those thoughts and experiences with you.

My Grandpa used to say "Opinions are like butt holes we have have one, and they usually stink".  So in my stinky opinion Bigfoot exist, but just like your fanny, your entitled to your own opinion.


  1. Scott, your grandpa was more polite than mine

    1. LOL mine too old man.

      Scott I enjoy reading here and appreciate this blog/venue so much. I enjoy reading your information and I've been lucky to see a few things in your pictures long before you started your Journal. Please keep up the good work and I thank you for your hard work and for sharing with us.

  2. As I've quoted before:

    Proverbs 25:2
    "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter."

    This would include cryptid my opinion!

  3. Scott, the quality of research you present speaks for itself. Keep up the great work.

  4. Scott, You are proven to me and many others that these being are indeed real. You have videos, stills, hair and prints. These fools who say you have no proof just don't have a clue. You are a fantastic researcher, who continues to provide evidence that back up what you say.

  5. Thank you for the approach you take on your research. I certainly appreciate what you do and have learned a lot about these creatures. Since my sighting, I have found that blogs like yours have given me the information I need to convince myself I wasn't making up what I saw. I have been able to engage others, who might not have believed that these creatures existed to at least take seriously my experience. If someone truly still thinks that "we" are the only humans on earth, then they will have to actually see one to believe that they do exist. No amount of research on your part of anyone else will be able to do that. Once they do see one, then their whole life and the way they think, will change.