Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Professional Artist Does Composite Enhancement of the "Plot Watcher Bigfoot"

A "life long artist" and Graphic Design Professor was kind enough to use his/her considerable skills to enhance and create a composite photograph of the "Plot Watcher Bigfoot". He/She has asked to remain anonymous but I want to thank him/her for the effort they put into the composite. 

Below is a exert from, his/her email explaining the considerations when creating composite drawings:

 " I am not recreation expert, but will wager I am an extremely detail oriented visual person.....I would try to stress when doing this to calculate the eye width versus nose length/width. Minute changes have a profound effect on the final image. Attached is a jpg of the Plot Watcher Peeker, I used a still from your video, opened it in Photoshop CS5,cropped, separated it into channels bumped up a few, and converted it to a black and white image. Like yourself I then copied the image and
flipped it to create the 'face'. I did use a different angle than you

Below is the composite photograph:


  1. We just sent a thing-a-majig and landed it on
    Mars 85 bazillion miles from here. It will stay\there and operate for two years. And we can't get a glossy 8x10 of a being 8 ft. tall
    6-8 hundred pounds and covered in hair living in
    the United States. We have, 23 million Americans
    looking for or out of a job. I'll let you finish this thought.

    1. Well its hard to get the pics going out one day a week, no funding, and low budget equipment...

    2. Scott, I mean us as a society, not you.
      You're doing more than your share. With all
      that we've done done, some things are completely ignored and disregarded as not
      worthy of exploration, study, and funding.
      Sometimes I get aggravated. Tomorrow is my
      birthday. That's probaly why.