Monday, August 6, 2012

The "Bigfoot" Home Visitations Continue

I continue to receive visits at my home from my large hairy friends. In mid July a light mist had begun to fall during the might. The top layer of dirt was muddy and tacky. When I went out to feed and water the dogs that morning I found three 18 inch foot prints. 

Since the dirt was tacky it appeared to have stuck to the bottom of the foot leaving a unique print behind. There were also fresh broken sticks in and around the prints. Below are the photographs of the foot prints. I also inverted them to the negative to show the print better.

Print #1 near dog enclosure

Negative of Print #1

Print # 2 located near steps of deck

Negative of Print # 2

Print # 3 located under the awning right corner of deck

Negative of Print #3

 The above prints measured 18 inches long and 6 inches wide at the ball of the foot.

Approximately two weeks after the above footprints were left there was a heavy storm during the night. When I went out in the morning I found a large wet area on my covered deck. The water was bean shaped as if something had laid down in this area with "wet fur". There was also dirt and debris in the water. Below are photographs of the area and the wet spot. It was approximately 6 feet long.

The wet area on the deck

Wet spot on deck

The inserted photos show the dirt in debris once the water dried
 Did a Bigfoot take shelter on my deck during the storm? A wet spot with some dirt does not prove anything, but given the long standing history around my home, I think it is likely.

I also found a suspiciously place X near the location where I found where a Bigfoot had urinated back in June. 

Is there something about this end of my deck? Urine and X's? Oh yea, the dog food is on this end of the deck.


  1. Scott, I see a commercial for Thompson's Water
    Seal in your future. I won't make any jokes about X marks the spot I promise.

    1. I would not blame you about the X, I do not understand most of the stuff they do anyway. I know it has a logical purpose to them, but since we ignorant of their ways it makes little sense to use.

    2. Seems like they were saying "we were here,
      just wanted to let you know" as if using it
      as a trail marker

  2. That's a kiss...don't you know anything? lol

    1. Whenever I tried to get a kiss, much larger
      sticks were involved.

  3. They are mimicking the Chemtrails in the skies. OK, maybe not, but, what do "X" marks the spot in the skies left by silver KC-135's and "X" marks the spot on the ground by Bigfeet have in common?

    1.) Nobody knows why either are being done and
    2.) Very few people notice either one of them and
    3.) Most folks think you have a few screws loose for even considering the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of either "X"'s!

  4. This is so interesting. How I wish we knew what those sticks mean, a compass, a direction, thanks,etc.

    Thanks for sharing.