Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Mouth Movement and Other Enhancements - MK Davis "Eye In Lens" Bigfoot Video

Posted By: Scott Carpenter

Sketch of the Bigfoot based on video still captures
The video that MK Davis posted continues to yield interesting data. In once section of the video the mouth can be seen moving. The sequence is 19 frames in length (Video posted below). In other sections of the video the extremely high forehead of the Bigfoot is visible. He almost has the appearance of a "Klingon" from the Star Trek franchise. The Bigfoot has a pronounced brow, then another protrusion in the skull a few inches above the brow. Mary Green told me over a year ago that the Bigfoot on the Carter Farm had this peculiar feature of a "second ridge running around the head above the pronounced lower brow". She said that in most Bigfoot it was above the hair line and hard to see, but with balding Bigfoot it was visible. I find it interesting that the Bigfoot in the video appears to have this same physical characteristic.

I also have an explanation for the hair that is hanging down in front of the face. I think that the Bigfoot has reached out with it's right hand and grabbed the camera. It is then looking under it's right arm into the lens. The long saggy hair on the arm is hanging down in the face. The poorly drawn illustration below shows how I think the Bigfoot is looking at the camera.

Below are still captures and enhancements of the forehead.

Below is a looped video show the mouth moving along with a close up of the eye and cheek. I think the Bigfoot pressed it's nose against the camera to sniff it and may have also licked the camera.


  1. What? No comments? Come on guys. No guts, no glory.

  2. The idea of looking under his hairy arm making all that hair across his face...maybe. I kinda hope he looks like Kurt Cobaine instead, as far as the hair goes.