Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bigfoot Vocalizations

Is this the "Bigfoot" that was making the "Jaw Pops"?
I have posted a video that highlights some of the vocalizations that I think were made by a Bigfoot. I include an interesting vocalization made at my home this spring. It appears my dogs were very happy to see their "friends" at about 3:00 am and were being too loud. The Bigfoot apparently scolded them in its own language. 

I also included a "Jaw Pop" that I recorded on the public land research area. I had just finished eating lucnh and had been playing native american music. I turned the music off and put on my back pack when this "Jaw Pop" came out of the thick vegetation. I later captured what sounds like rocks clacking together.

I also have a series of four grunts that I recorded after my friend Gene McCauley called out to them by name.


  1. Scott, as a turkey hunter I picked out the
    Barred Owl call at the end. Many years ago, my
    best friend and I were canoe camping on the
    Kaskaskia River here in Southern Illinois. In the middle of the night, the woods came alive
    with the loudest Who,Who,Who I have ever heard
    before or since. It seems our friends have the
    ability to mimic other animals.

    1. I have a GSM video where I think two BF were talking using Owl calls. The were on ridge tops and I was in between with my son. The owls were calling in the middle of the day! I also would turn around and look in the direction of the calls they would stop while I was looking in that direction. When I would turn around it would start hooting again...

  2. Scott were you close when you heard the grunt? I guess what I'm asking is do you think you were getting too close and that is why they made the grunt?

    Also it sounds like the dogs are not afraid of them. I kinda thought the word they said to the dog was enough but couldn't really tell.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. The grunts were VERY close, my friend had called out some names from the Carter Farm, then right after he stopped we received the four grunts. The audio was parsed from the video so not the best quality.

      The Bigfoot have befriended my dogs, and my dogs will react as if I am in the back yard. I have many recordings of them giving "something" the greeting bark and acting very excited in the middle of the night.

    2. That's wonderful. I've heard you speak to them in Native American, wonder if it's some of that language. Maybe Scott Nelson could tell. Anyway good stuff and thanks.