Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MK Davis Gives More Details On The "Eye In The Lens" Video and New Video of Possible Bigfoot Activity

Eye and mouth of the "Bigfoot"
MK Davis gives us some more background on the "Eye In The Lens" Video. He also shows an intriguing video of "something" moving and sniffing a camera where the hair is visible.


  1. My concerns centers around the hair (what else?)
    If we are to believe bigfoot is the top dog in the woods and is a top predator, it is my contension the eyes would be clear of vision
    restricting hair. I hate to throw a monkey wrench in the works but could this have been hoaxed? I am guilty as anyone for wanting to see. But.......

  2. I do not think this was hoaxed at all. Actually I think the hair hanging down is from the arm. I think based on what MK has said and the footage that this Bigfoot put his hand on the camera and knelt down to press his nose against lens. I think the BF is looking under its arm and that is arm hair in his face, not hair on his head. If you watch the first few frames the BF has a very high hair line...

    1. If you're willing to go out on a limb, that's
      good enough for me.

  3. Scott, you've collected many different hair samples. This puts you in a much better position than nearly all of us out here to comment on what we are actually seeing here. In your honest opinion, does the hair you've recovered from a number of different sites match up with the kind of long flowing hair we're seeing in these clips????