Monday, July 30, 2012

Enhancements of the MK Davis "Eye in the Lens" Video

Post By: Scott Carpenter

Sketch of the "Eye in the lens" Bigfoot
MK Davis has posted a ground breaking video. It shows an "alleged" Bigfoot looking into the lens of the camrea at point blank range. The eye, forehead, hair, cheek, part of the mouth, and part of the nose are visible. The video is an amazing look at what a Bigfoot may actually look like.

I have posted an enhancement video along with sketches of what I think the subject may look like.



  1. does anyone see a figure at the end of the path on the left?

  2. Well this is cool - if it is a bigfoot - that now we know they can see infrared light, which explains how they so easily avoid the cameras.

    At one point in the video, I stopped it at exactly the right time to see a very caucasian, human-looking nose, but I didn't note the time it was at and now I can't get it again! Doh!

  3. These videoes always seem to leave more questions than
    answers. I wish the technology we have now was around
    40 years ago, we'd be that much further along. What we are experiencing now just seems verify the P/G film even
    more. The face that Scott has so masterfully exposed has
    also proved to some degree that there is a wide range of
    faces and possibly even skull shapes to these beings.
    I wish M.K. and Scott were at this point 40 years ago.