Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Backyard Bigfoot - Night Vision - Facial Features

I have had several request for a better look at the facial area of the Bigfoot. The NV Scope and resolution make it difficult to see details especially on a YouTube video. It is so much clearer when I view it on my computer. I have tried to find one of the best still captures I can and use it to diagram the face. I have also taken the video, blown it up, applied several different filters, and slowed the video down. 

Below are the facial features as I see them.

Below is the Video:


  1. Scott, I am not very tech savvy. Hell, I'm lucky
    to send an e-mail. Could you explain the different filters and their effect on the picture.

  2. I am basically only adjusting brightness and contrast, but by converting the image to black and white or removing all color it helps to bring out detail. The other filters are just adjusting the amount of light, so by reducing it or increasing it details can be clearer. Hope that helps.