Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "Blinker" - National Park Trail Cam Footage

Looped footage of the "Blinker"
I retrieved the SD cards from my trail camera(s) last weekend (08/18/2012). I captured some very nice action of both a large deer and a small black bear. The most intriguing footage was captured on 08/07/2012 a little after 3:45 AM. The trail camera was tripped and in front of the camera just at the edge of the range of the Infrared (IR)  light is a figure. The figure is looking directly at the camera with 1/2 of its head hidden behind a tree. There is one eye exposed and this eye is reflecting the IR light. During the video the subject blinks several times and moves slightly.

There is no way to positively identify the subject. It is to tall to be a bear, plus I do not think a bear would rear up on its hind legs and stare at a trail camera for 30 seconds. I'm sure owl will be thrown out, but again owls tend to move their heads often and this wold be a huge owl, plus there is no where to perch in the area of the blinking eye.

Below is an enlarged/cropped version of the video showing the eye blinking.

I can not claim for sure that this is a Bigfoot, but when I do these sketches it drives the boys at Bigfoot Evidence and TeamTazer crazy so here is my Pareidolia inspired sketch of what it could be:

Enhancement of the "Blinker"

A sketch of what I think was doing the "Blinking"

I also captured a very nice deer feeding in front of the camera, then suddenly something spooks him and he runs off. 18 minutes later a small black bear comes running by the camera. I do not think the bear was chasing the deer being that far apart. I do however wonder if "something" spooked both of them??

Deer/Bear Trail Cam Video:

A few untouched still captures from the video, like I said can't say its a Bigfoot, but it is in the same area where I captured the Plot Watcher footage.

Still capture comparing day time to night time and "facial" details



  1. I really have to stop looking at your sketches
    so soon before going to bed. Between them and
    cold pepperoni pizza, I have some really bizarre

  2. Nice catch! If that is not a Bigfoot, then the trees have eyes. Is there a more logical conclusion? It must have been a wayward hiker lost in the GSMNP at 3:45 AM who smelled the plastic housing of the plastic housing of the camera thinking it was a cooler full of Barley's Taproom Pizza, or the plastic tap handle to a cold keg of Fat Tire Ale .........but just to make sure, he peeked around the tree and decided that the camera was not edible and he quietly moved on.......yes,that's more than likely who you captured on the camera.

  3. Just found your site, keep up the good work. It is nice to not see all the negative comments from non-believers.

  4. Scott, ok it's morning now, I know what I wanted to ask.
    Looking over the work that Harvey Pratt has done in David Paulides' books and then your sketches, Harvey's
    faces look like they could be Cousin Billy. Your faces
    look like something from the Twilight Zone. Not critizing just an observation. I realize you are taking
    an image from a camera, but could there be that much of
    a difference in our perception of facial features

    1. I agree, when basing a sketch on screen captures of a video the look more primal than Harvey's eye witness drawings. I do have a few how ever that look surprisingly human, so its a mixed bag..