Monday, August 20, 2012

Back Yard Bigfoot - Night Vision Footage Posted

I have posted the footage of a Bigfoot hiding in the back yard on my YouTube Channel. The footage was captured using a night vision scope with a HD video camera attached to the eye piece. The video is a little long but I wanted to give you a full explanation and thorough follow-up.


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Footprint in my back yard
I have been experiencing visitations at my home for almost two years. I have documented footprints (16-22 inch), hand prints on the siding of my home and on dog food storage tubs, recorded audio, gathered hair samples, and saliva samples. Two of my neighbors have seen it. One watched it run across her back yard in August of 2011, called the police, described it as a "teenager in a black hoodie, 6 feet tall, ran faster than anything she has ever seen". When I talked to her she said "IT" when describing the intruder. She also had all her motion sensors knocked out of her lights, not the lights but he sensors.

Another neighbor was having a night time cook out with friends. One of the wives noticed something in a tree watching them from my back yard. My neighbor who is a police officer retrieved his gun and flash light. Ordered the "kid in the black hoodie" to come down, it jumper out of the tree at over 15 feet, hit the ground "running faster than Ive ever witnessed a person run". 

Hand print on side of my house
A family up the street has called the police repeatedly for a "peeping tom" that looks into the window of their 16 year old daughter. He is described as a "skinny teenager, about 6 feet, black pants, wearing a black hoodie".

Foot print beside my deck
This video was not some random event, with no back ground or history. In fact I cut the video off when I was talking to my neighbor out of respect for her privacy, but she told me in our conversation that she had seen someone "lurking" in that area the same night!! So I have an independent eye witness that places the subject in that area the night of the filming.


  1. Good work Scott. What I really wanted to see
    was the expression on your neighbor's face when
    you told her/him you were filming a bigfoot in their backyard. Do you get asked over for any

    1. No, I do not mention it. Last year there were 3 police calls made for a "peeking Tom" by my neighbors. It was this guy I am sure. As I mentioned it the video the lady that lives directly behind where I filmed the footage saw it up close and watched it run across her back yard at night. She called the police and the parked in my drive way since it ran toward my house. She also said that something had knocked out all her motion sensor lights. Then the house up the street called the police when the 16 year old girl screamed when it was looking in her bed room window at her. This "teenage" Bigfoot raised some hell for a while, but he has calmed down this year.

  2. Scott, I was wondering if your area is located near any woods. These beings seem to be able to travel without being seen very much. Thanks, Buster

  3. Excellent follow-up. It may have been the pix-elation for lack of a better word, but it almost looked like the Bigfoot furrowed his brow a bit. I was amazed that you and the bigfoot could so easily conceal your whole body with such minimal cover.

    Have you ever experimented with mirrors? I wonder if they like looking at themselves - if they do, then maybe a one way mirror, but then again they may be frightened or dislike mirrors.