Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Perfect Camouflage - Bigfoot In The Laurels

Post by Scott Carpenter

What is the perfect camouflage? The Bigfoot appear to be born with it. They literally have a natural ghillie suit. A hair covered body with pasty grey or black skin. When the Bigfoot remain motionless in vegetation or even in a generally open area they are almost impossible to see.

A good case study of this is the "Bigfoot In The Laurels" footage I captured. Most people can not look at the below photograph and find the Bigfoot it is so well camouflaged.

This ability to stay this well hidden baffles many people and makes clear video hard to obtain. The Patterson/Gimlin film was the rare exception not the rule. The above photograph is usually how you will see a Bigfoot if you see it at all.

Several readers of my blog asked that I take the time to sharpen or point out where exactly the Bigfoot is in the above photograph and video posted on the Bigfoot Photographs and-Sketches page. This goes to demonstrate how well they can hide and how well they have adapted to remain hidden.

Below I have highlighted, cut out, then enlarged the Bigfoot from different frames during the video. I hope this gives the reader a better idea what the Bigfoot looks like and where it is located.

 In my YouTube video "Bigfoot In The Laurels" I go to great lengths to show the Bigfoot, its eye, head, and mouth movement. It is slight but it is moving. Also remember the Bigfoot is very close to me and that I have my back turned to it. Only when I start to turn around does the Bigfoot move more than its mouth or eyes.

This deer is almost invisible
Many critics will say this is just artifact or pareidolia, my mind finding faces in the foliage. As a hunter I have trained my eye to look for pieces of game animals, an ear, eye, leg, or tail. Most times this is all you will see of the animal until you flush it out into the open. The same technique is used when reviewing video. I am looking for pieces of a Bigfoot. Everyone lauds the Bigfoot's ability to stay hidden, to be stealthy, and allude detection, but when you post a video showing this ability it is immediately dismissed as shadows, limbs, and leafs blowing in the wind!

Light gray Bigfoot almost invisible
 No wonder the Bigfoot has no trouble staying hidden and away from man, most people do not even know what to look for and what a Bigfoot looks like. I love the line I get all the time "I do not know what a Bigfoot looks like, but I know that's not it". I just have to laugh and shake my head. 

I hope the cut outs have made it easier to see the most elusive creature known to man, and yes that is what he looks like, get used to it.


  1. Thanks Scott. Karla4569 and I had a question
    about this. You clarified this. As always your
    work ranks on top.

  2. I guess you were right...

    1. I hoped this post helped you see the BF better...

  3. You know once you can start recognizing the creatures in video's it's much easier to see what Scott's talking about.

    I don't know why but I've always been able to see them, especially with the blinking eyes, not only in Scotts video's but in other researcher's video's too.

    I have no idea why it's easy for me. I usually enlarge the screen and take it a frame at a time. But I usually don't have to do that even. Once you get the knack and know what to look for it comes easier.

    Thanks Scott for all you do!