Thursday, July 26, 2012

Enhancements of MK Davis' "Night Vistor" video

Post by: Scott Carpenter

A "Bigfoot" putting it's hand on the cooler
My good friend Chuck Prahl asked me to take a look at the video recently posted on YouTube by MK Daivs entitled "M.K.Davis discusses the night visitor video". In this video you can see a large figure come up to a pick-nick table where a cooler has been placed. One arm reaches out and slowly drags the cooler to the end.

I enhanced the video the best I could but there is not much you can do with this fuzzy black and white video. There is one frame where it appears the subjects eyes are reflecting the IR light.

After the cooler has been pulled to the end of the table I did notice something appears to be right in front of the camera. It moves up and back. I followed the movement one frame at a time and it appears there is a second subject in front of the camera and much closer than the first subject that pulled the cooler across the table.

In several of the frames a vague face is visible. I enhanced and sketched the "face" the best I could given the poor quality of the video. These sketches are my interpretation only. 

The second subject in front of the camera

Creating a sketch from the possible "face"

The final Sketch

Same subject at different angle, frame converted to negative

Creating the Sketch

The final Sketch

Below is the enhanced video with still captures and sketches of both the subjects.



  1. I thought MK Davis said that the creature walked up to the table backwards to avoid looking at the IR light, he supposed. There were also some awesome vocalizations.

  2. Yes he did, but if you watch there looks like a second one very close to the camera, something is definitely moving

  3. Scott, It's the IR piece of this puzzle that baffles me.
    If bigfoot sees in the infra-red spectrum, would this
    make it the only mammal that does so? Or even the only
    known animal that does. M.K. mentions the cone of the IR. meaning ,I suppose, that the light comes out as the
    spread of a flashlight and not a beam as would a laser.
    I am trying to ask an intellgent question with a limited
    amount of intellgence.

    1. I have suspected they can see light in the IR spectrum, I do not understand it but I have anecdotal evidence that they can see if and that their eyes react to it. Not enough to prove it one way or another but it is enough to make your scratch your head for sure. Here is a blog I did about the subject:

    2. I went back and re-read the article. It leaves me with the feeling that we have more
      to learn. Somehow I get the feeling they have light intensifiing capability much like
      the old Starlight scope we used in Nam. And
      maybe not true IR sight and the IR from the
      camera somehow shows up. Grasping at straws.

  4. Scott, I can't see the enhanced video on my iPod. Could you upload the video to your YT channel? Thanks in advance.