Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photographs and Video Added To The "Bigfoot Photographs and Sketches" Page

Bigfoot In The Laurels
I have added photographs, sketches, and a video clip of the "Bigfoot In The Laurels" to the Bigfoot Photographs and Sketches Page.

The video highlights the movement of the Bigfoot and includes looping and the footage converted to black/white footage for detail.


  1. In this looped picture I can see a face two possible ways: One face takes up just about all of the dark space between all the leaves. The other way is much smaller and what is the mouth in the first way, is actually the eyes in the second way. When I first looked at this shot, I could only see it the second way. Do you see this? Which way did you intend for it to be seen?

  2. Karla, I noticed this also. I think what we are seeing
    is an optical illusion created by the leaves. I think
    the later, the face being smaller, is correct. Maybe
    Scott could sharpen this image up and prove us both wrong.

  3. Thanks Old Man. I think because of the the motion shown in the loop, the first way is actually the right way - the bigger face. When you look at it like this, the only thing that moves is the whole face, whereas, if you look at it as the smaller face, it doesn't make sense that all the rest of the dark space above it moves with it.

    Oh...Scott....where are you...?

    1. Could be Karla. Maybe we have our first picture of a bigfoot politician. And he has
      two mouths to speak out of.

  4. Great stuff. Very visible!