Monday, July 23, 2012

MD Davis Post New Video of Bigfoot Talking

MK Davis has posted two new videos in which you can hear the Bigfoot talking to one another. The picture is poor in the one at night but you can make out a Bigfoot scooting a cooler across a picnic table. In the second video the White Bigfoot is back for more. If you have ever wondered what a Bigfoot sounds like you will enjoy these videos.


  1. Wow Scott, that speech was fascinating. I hope MK sends it on to Scott Nelson.

    Maybe Enoch is the word they use to refer to Man/Humans as in Us! Kinda like "Look Enoch left something for us trying to trick us again."We must be careful."

    My son who lives in the middle of the woods of these mountains heard people talking the other night. He said they woke him up and that the dogs were acting funny. He has two Dobermen,he said they would not bark and would not go outside. Usually they will bark at everything along with being anxious to go check things out including hunters.

    He said it happened several times and each time he turned the light on the voices stopped but he could not understand what they were saying. He was upset because sometimes we have hunters that come right in the yard behind the house.

    I told him it was probably Bigfoot but he wouldn't even consider that.

    However, I know they are here and they like cat food just as well as dog food. I strongly suspect that's who he heard. ;)

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the word Enoch being the name for humans in their language.

  2. Awesome recordings! Yes, I agree...Scott Nelson could probably make a lot of sense out of these. Thanks for sharing....really enjoying your blog...Keep up the good work!

  3. With out wanting to sound like a racist, has any Native
    American listened to these vocalizations? Their languages have been around much longer than ours (English). M.K. brought up the cone of infra-red from
    the camera. Call me stupid, but do animals who see in
    the dark, cats, raccoons, owls also see in the infra-red
    spectrum. Seems like this is a key point in this study.

  4. It's real interesting that you think that a sizable creature walked up to table in a backwards fashion. 'cause it seems he walked strait forward to the table and pulled the cooler towards him & spun it clockwise and then back towards himself & proceeded to open the lid (shown by the the amount of whiteness in the video). The one thing that this video proves that it was something large on 2 legs and is not standing on the table, such as a woodland creature would do, most interesting site, none to say the least...

  5. Listening to the voices, it makes me think. I am half native American and a few words have stood out to me, personally. Of course enoch, and the sound ya. These sound a bit nasalized and have higher and lower volumes spoken like some words spoken in Navajo. In Navajo, the word enoch sounds a lot like 'inchxo'i (O and I being spoken as a higher octive and O being nasalized) which translated to English means "property" or "belongings". enoch could also be like 'inot'aah (O and both A's being higher), this means in English "deception".
    Ya is a different case. I wonder what color the cooler happened to be. The word ya has several different variations in Navajo. Ya (with a higher) means "for him" or "sky", which brings me back to the color of the cooler. Is it blue? Is the Hairy man speaking of the color? or is he thinking it is for him?
    Another wording for ya is ya' which means "shall I?" or "isn't it?". You can see the possibilities with this translation.
    Yaa, another form is spoken with a longer holding of the (a). This translation to English is "he to him (gave it)", "he talked about it", "down" or "downward". Any of these can be taken into context of the situation. The Hairy man is thinking it is a gift from us or that it is a trick and to hide themselves down.
    I find that these translation are a bit strange to fit the situation so well. I am not only Navajo but a student in Ecology. I have this struggle to believe in my heritage of skinwalkers (men who became animals), hairy men, and large hairy giants who roamed the land devouring humans before the hero twins. I want to believe but it is hard in the field of Biology. I sincerely wish it to be true and to be proven with science.