Monday, July 23, 2012

The "Freeman Video" Continues To Yield More Clues

"Freeman" Bigfoot??
MK Davis has been stabilizing the "Freeman Video" over the last couple weeks. This has made the images clearer and cleaner. It has also revealed some new data. 

In the short clip where MK points out a suspicious crow call I noticed a dark figure standing behind some vegetation on the lower right portion of the frame. Using just simple enhancement techniques of adjusting brightness and contrast the face and shoulders of a possible Bigfoot became visible. Further work with sharpness and enlargement brought out enough detail to make out some of the facial features.

Below is the full frame with the area I think the Bigfoot is located marked. The insert contains the area enlarged and adjusted.

The following points out the "facial features"

Using the cut out I create a sketch of what the Bigfoot could look like.

 Final Sketch


  1. Scott, the distance from the nose to the mouth
    seems seems a bit much. From other pictures I
    have seen there does seem to be a variation in
    facial shape. More than one think in a group of
    one species. I am not critizing just an observation as I have never seen one of these
    creatures. Does your studies confirm this?

  2. I have BF in my area that have this feature, I have also found in general a Bigfoots mouth is wider than ours, the nose can also in some cases be wide, but I have also seen some "regular" looking noses. The Bigfoot has the same variation in facial features as we do. Have you ever seen the sketches in the "Hoopa Project" or "Tribal Bigfoot", they have all kinds of looks.

    1. I have both of these books and the artwork
      of Harvey Pratt is amazing as a forensic