Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Face Of The "Freeman" Bigfoot

My Interpretation of The Freeman Bigfoot
I was sent a link to the post of the "raw" Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage. As I watched I wondered why no one had done a thorough break down of this video much like MK Davis did with the Patterson/Gimlin footage? So I thought I would dive in and see what I could do. 

I am not in the same league as MK or do I have the sophisticated software he posses,but I have some skills and some "freeware" so I gave it a go.

I noticed right before the subject goes into the heavy vegetation the sun is reflecting off its back. I also notice that the Bigfoot turns its head and looks at Freeman. When it does this the sun shines on the face and some detail of the face is visible.

There are approximately 35 frames where part or the whole face is visible. I stepped through the video a frame at a time, captured out the best face shots and enhanced them. By enhancing them I mean I enlarge them, adjusted brightness/contrast, and used the sharpen tool.

The first interesting aspect I noticed was the "goggle" look the face had. The Bigfoot in my area look like they are wearing dark goggles because of their pronounced brow and deep set eyes. The Freeman Bigfoot also had this apperance when looking straight at the camera.

In the above photograph I am pointing out the eyes and the pronounced brow that form the "goggle" appearance.

A few frames later most of the body is now in the shadows but the Bigfoot peeks out at Freemen. When it does this you can see a decent profile of the face thanks to the sun light shinning on it.

Using this still capture I created a drawing based on the photograph above.

I used several frames to determine hairline, nose width, and mouth placement.

I also wanted to try my hand at a full body sketch from this view point. I took a still capture where the Bigfoot is just entering the vegetation and the sun was shinning on both the face and the back/arm area.

Then I sketched in the face. 

The I add the face to the body.

To see the Bigfoot better I do a cut out.

I this proof of anything? Of course not, but I do think this is an actual Bigfoot. You can not deny there is a face visible. (some will call this "Pareidolia" but that is expected). Many called Paul Freeman a "hoaxer" but I think he got a bad rap. Dr. Meldrum credits Freeman with discovering the footprints that convinced him that Bigfoot was a "real" living entity.

Many people claim the video is just "too fuzzy" or "poor quality" and that it is, but I was able to use simple tools to enlarge and enhance the footage. The only "fancy software" I used was "Paint.Net" and "Avidemux". The drawings were created with an old version of PhotoShop (Version 3.0). It just took some "elbow crease" and time to step through and look at each frame. It would be nice if MK would dive into this video, but until then I have my trusty "freeware" ready to go!

Collage of the enhanced frames as the Bigfoot goes into the vegetation and looks back at Freeman.

I plan on putting a YouTube Video together and get into more detail at a future date.

Posted by: Scott Carpenter


  1. Great job, i agree 100% that Freeman got a bad rap, to me this is right up there with the P-G film. I'm glad you took the time to see what you could do with it, i never understood why this footage is so neglected.

  2. I never really liked the visual aspect of this video. It is way too blurry and fast for me to make anything out clearly, but I do like the audio.

  3. Thanks for taking one of the better Bigfoot videos and making it better. Good Job!!!!

  4. all videos are blurry, they put Vaseline on their camera lenses before they go out to film

  5. I love when Paul says: "There's two of 'em!" Classic exclamation!