Monday, July 2, 2012

Stick Structures - What Are They and What Do They Mean?

Post By: Scott Carpenter

"Stick Structures" are a interesting phenomenon. Some say they are just a "act of nature" while others see any "X" in the woods as a stick structure. I think most are just that, random formations, but I think a few are the "real deal".

I have found two structures in the last three years that I was confident were constructed by a Bigfoot (s). Both structures were a X with a stick balanced in the middle. The formation formed a asterisks.The part of the stick structure I find difficult to explain is the stick balanced and under the other two sticks that form the X. How does this happen by coincidence, twice?

I found the first stick structure like this in August of 2009. A X was formed with a sapling balanced in the middle.

The most interesting thing about the stick structure was how the saplings were “weaved” in the Y notch live sapling.

Placed above the Y notch there was another sapling marked by the yellow box in the below photograph.

This structure was beside a "high head clearance" trail.

The second structure was even more amazing. I had built my own stick structure and put a trail camera watching to get a reaction from the Bigfoot. I come back to the remote area a week later and find a asterisks stick structure beside my stick structure just out of camera range. It had a large sapling balanced perfectly in the middle of the X.

I sometimes wonder if the Bigfoot looked at my effort and decided to show me how it was done.

There are other stick structures reported from across the country. T-Pee like structures, X's, blinds, and shelters. 

I can only speculate at this time what the asterisk  means. Is it a trail marker or maybe a territorial marker? I have built my own structures mimicking the asterisk but they receive little activity. Only once did I get any reaction from a stick structure I had built. Early in my research in November of 2009 I had built a T-Pee type structure in the notch of a small tree. I also put some polished rocks in the Y notch. 

It was obvious something was not pleased with my efforts. The structure was totally destroyed. The polished rocks were also missing.

This was the only time I had any reaction to any stick structure I have constructed. I can only assume either the location made them upset or the type of structure I built. Maybe they thought I was encroaching on their territory. I later built other structures in this area but they have all been left alone.

 So for now they remain a mystery. They are more clues is this big puzzle that is Bigfoot Research.


  1. I've spoken with other researchers that say I've got to look for stick structures, which I constantly do. I have yet to see any that I could confidently say they were Bigfoot made, but yet I'll be in an area that I know there are Bigfoot. Maybe I'm just not being observant enough... Either way, structures intrigue me!

  2. Im thinking the structures are there to warn the bigfoots that there is a intruder which the bigfoots might think you are. Just a thought.

  3. It would be interesting to plot the structures on a map,
    GPS, if needed, to see if a territorial boundary could be seen. Somehow I get the feeling that the majority of
    these structures could be the result of young males marking their turf.

  4. In the beginning, I had the idea that the stick structures pointed the way to somewhere, possibly for other family members. It's possible that if enough stick structures were photographed and compared along with latitude and longitude, that there might be some kind of mapping that could be done which could determine what the stick structures represent.