Friday, June 1, 2012

Bigfoot Evidence in the digital age

Post by Chuck Prahl

 Like many people in America I have always wondered whether the harrowing accounts of sea monsters, sasquatch and other cryptids truly exist in our world or are just tales made up by folks with vivid imaginations. That was an easy way to leave the question until video camcorders and digital cameras became so prevalent that nearly every home in America has at least one now. Not only do we have the riveting accounts by witnesses to these amazing creatures but now we are blessed light high tech equipment to capture imperial evidence of bigfoot. 

  The digital age though has added a new twist to witness evidence, before 1995 or so all video cameras were analog and all still cameras were film. At the the time you could only manipulate film with air brushing or in a darkroom and that was limited to mainly highlighting and darkening using light. Not many of us back then had darkrooms or were the artist to do air brushing. It was also very difficult to tamper with movie film unless you had access to expensive equipment and know someone from Hollywood to carry out the extensive work. 

  Now that we are in the digital age anyone with Photoshop program $800.00 and the desire to learn the software can manipulate photos. Digital video is much harder to manipulate and extremely expensive and time consuming. But you look at movies like transformers and you see the results.  

  What all this means is still photography in my personal opinion is useless as evidence of bigfoot. Anyone with Photoshop can produce a picture in 10 minutes that 98% of American's  could not tell if it was faked or not.
  When it comes to digital video you have the same problem except far fewer people with the knowledge and resources to manipulate video successfully. Ninety percent class a encounters caught on video cameras are either unrecognizable blobsquatches or hoaxes. The remaining 10% are identifiable enough but many might still argue the point.  As far as video evidence goes  I feel there are possibly a handful of films that could be argued in court as evidence of Bigfoot.  Rumors abound that there are videos not seen yet by the public that will make many Americans change their minds about Sasquatch existence I truly hope so. Unless you see one for yourself or have access to never seen before video  this mystery of the giant hairy people will remain a myth to most people in the world.
  What we are trying to do hear is provide the public with top notch bigfoot research information and video evidence that passes the blobsquatch and hoax test. We may not get it right all the time but we hope to give you
the best evidence available to us.
Chuck Prahl


  1. So basically, you're saying photos are worthless because they will always be questioned? I guess if you took a shot with old style camera, it might be more believable.