Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Foot Behind Me - Review

On May 21, 2012 I posted a video on YouTube showing a Bigfoot watching me from behind. The Bigfoot was light gray and blended in to the background almost perfectly. I find it interest how well his color matched the surrounding tree and ground cover. The sheer size of the Bigfoot is also interesting. In a follow up video I stand in the same location as the Bigfoot. When I am scaled and compared to the Bigfoot it is obvious this guy is HUGE. After studying the video close and stepping through each frame I agree with several people who think the Bigfoot is leaning down or hunched over and is not completely erect. This would put its height at close to ten feet tall!! This leaning over or hunched posture has been reported many times by other witnesses and makes sense in this case.

You can see how large the Bigfoot is compared to me, I am 6'3".

In following up trips I was able to locate the limb that was in front of the Bigfoot. It was laying on the ground near the tree where the Bigfoot was standing. It appeared to have been broken and dropped or thrown down since it was laying across a fallen tree.

The limb in front of the Bigfoot

One of the more intriguing aspects of the video is even though I swing my shoulders and move several feet to my right the Bigfoot appears to move its head and keeps it's eyes on me.

Below is the link to the YouTube video if you would like review it. This research area has been extremely active over the past six months. I captured what appeared to be a "roar" just minutes before entering the woods on this day. I wonder if the "roar" came from this fellow? Just last week (May 26, 2012) I found wet footprints going across the road where the trail head for this area begins. I like to say "nothing happens in a vacuum", when you start to string together all the events that have happen on this watershed it leads me to believe this location to be a "travel corridor" for the Bigfoot in this area. I will continue my research in this area and hopefully it will continue to yield clues.

Cut out of the "face"

Close up

Bigfoot Behind Me

Bigfoot "Roar" GSMBFRP 02/18/2012 


  1. Scott, are you camping or visiting this area at night? Also is this area where you captured the speech recordings with Dave P?

    Alex MW

    1. Just visiting each time and in the same park but a few miles away on the voice recording.

  2. I have been amazed at the color of the images of Bigfoot I've seen in your films Scott.

    In Redchun's I've observed Black(or very dark brown) and auburn colored ones.

    Do you think this is an adaptation of coloring in the Smokey mountains?

    I still remember the white hair you found and wondered about that too perhaps they are whiter in winter???