Friday, June 1, 2012

MK Davis - Videos and Analysis

This is an addendum to the previous video about the alleged white Bigfoot. This should clear up a few things.

What do these strange vocalizations mean to you?
M.K.Davis takes a closer look at the white Bigfoot video. Is it a man on a bicycle?

Dimly lit images and some rather frightening vocalizations with some tire mauling in this video
A lot of people were wanting to get a good look at the creek crossing in the white Bigfoot video. Perhaps there was a bridge or some other explanation for how fast it negotiated the dry creek bed. Here's a close look at it with the frames jogged back and forth for a good view of how the creek was negotiated

A more extended view of the unusual walk of the subject might tell us a little more about the mechanics of the walk, and also clear the air about it riding a bicycle.

A video taken of a very large Alleged Sasquatch. M.K.Davis tells why he's excited about the clip.

M.K.Davis discusses a short video clip of an alleged white Bigfoot.

This is the longer clip of the white Bigfoot video. There is a vocalization as well as other noises on this longer clip.

The raw and high contrast extended version of Whitey's run.

One step at a time, and oscillating back and forth, so that the steps can be better seen.

This is one way of arriving at some idea of the size of the white Bigfoot in the "Whitey's Run" video

New photos from the Whitey's run video site provide new perspectives on size for the video subject

Another view of the White Bigfoot and its strange behavior.

Caught in the low light of a setting sun, an alleged juvenile Bigfoot scampers up a tree and spends a raucous moment in front of the camera. M.K.Davis analyzes the short clip and provides commentary for it

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