Tuesday, March 6, 2018

White Bigfoot's Estimated Height 14.23 FEET!!!!

I ventured back to the location to do some tree measurements in order to get a size estimate on the White Bigfoot. Since six years have past, I had to take my 2018 measurement and subtract the approximately growth of six years to get the 2012 width of the tree. I selected a tree that was in clear view and close to the location of the White Bigfoot. 

The tree was 8 inches when measured in 2018 last weekend (03/03/2018). Looking at the US Forestry services estimates for tree growth in the Appalachian Mountains, for Maple Trees, I was able to determine that the tree grew an average of .2 inches a year. Doing the math, I was able to calculate that in 2012, at the time the video was taken, the tree was approximately 6.8 inches wide. Doing an exact scale comparison, I determined the approximately width of the White Bigfoot's head was an astounding 17.6 inches. The average human head is only 9.4 inches! 

I also determined the height of the White Bigfoot's head was 21.4
inches. I could use this calculation to determine the approximate height of the White Bigfoot.
Using a calculator for sculptors called "Anatomy for Sculptors". A human with a head height of 21.4 inches would be an amazing 14.23 FEET TALL!!! Based on these estimates the White Bigfoot is a "Monster", rivaling the size of any Bigfoot in the country! 

170.86 Inches/12 = 14.23 FEET

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