Friday, March 2, 2018

Entity Decloaks in Trail Behind Me

The footage review continues to yield interesting captures. This "entity" materializes or decloaks in the trail immediately after I walked past. At first the entity was more silver, then it gradually turned while. The entity did not completely take solid form. It remained in this translucent state during the entire time I was filming it on the "Back Trail" camera.

As I ventured father away from the entity the more the it
materialized. When I enlarged still captures details of the entities face and body are visible. The creature does not look like a "Bigfoot". It has long skinny arms and a elongated skull head. Is this some sort of interdenominational creature? Is this a Nephilim? Possible Fallen Angel? The only thing for sure, its a strange entity and an amazing encounter!

1 comment:

  1. I Love your videos and follow your YouTube channel closely. Too bad some people or most people do NOT understand how a camera works and what the true definition of Pareidolia is. There's obviously an Entity there!!! Your videos should have billions of views!!! I know it's incredibly frustrating to try to show people these odd creatures that live in the woods and sometimes on the outskirts of the woods! I feel like I learned most of what I know about these creatures from you and watching your very informative videos!! Keep up the Awesome work!!!😀😀