Thursday, January 5, 2017

Entities and Portals Part 2 - The Entities

This is part two of my series on the possible cloaked entities and
The "Guardian"
the portal. I take a closer look at the two entities that materialized after I walked past. One is a large dark entity that resembles a Bigfoot, while the other is a small entity that could be what is regarded as a "Portal Guardian".

These creatures never completely materialize but remain translucent during the entire video capture. At times they manifest enough to see some facial and body detail.


  1. As I was looking at that larger dark one, I believe that I was seeing sun shine on the other side of this creature; as in it was not reflection its self, but was totally a see through creature!

  2. Scott,.thanks for sharing. I'm too stunned to comment at the present,.lol. Yikes. Amazing,,tho. Truly.

  3. Scott, to elaborate a little on Mr. Hucklebridge's comment
    about a see through creature, I mentioned to you once about
    my son seeing a transparent shape in the headlights of his
    truck one night. He told me he could see the outline of
    the creature but could see through it. I wonder if the
    transparent feature is a type of camoflage or if there
    is different types of creatures all occupying our world
    at the same time. The idea of portals is nothing new as
    the researchers at the Skinwalker Ranch claim to have seen this. But I believe you may well have been the first
    to document it. But as I said, could this be just a case
    of camo or is it in fact an interdimensional occurance?

  4. a quick note about portals and BF..and ESP About see Tho we reckon some may say (Tho I'm sure that not very many.ifin fact anyone at all would here:^) but others may consider as beings,,entities..etc and so on..indeed!!
    Honestly My thoughts were very througly leaning towards that end.. Sir. And on a specific end to be sure..well.. Perhaps thats the thing that shocked and really stunned me the most when seeing this better and imo much clearer veiw.
    Ok(Lord Have Mercy!)I dislike bringing the whole aeons old deal and such up and it as it anyone else here considering this a likley captire of a "elmental"(whatever variety i.e..'of them Gentry",Commonwealth-Unseelie Court or perhaps Keels dreaded tricksterish Ultraterrestrials? Or The Kind Neighbors*or Grey Neighbors) as well??
    Mr Old also made a great point.. One surely worth some Thoughts!!
    Ok two cents would be with whats greatly feared and tragically forgot by nearly all in ths country( but not elsewhere...esp and by far the middle eastern lands! And last tho likey first in the over all picture,.very surely a good ways being here before our inclusion/creation-) but perhaps more so worried about and decidedly renown(abd in cases more malice aligned and at worst uber confrontation say the least(to some folks and family's and including myself..perhaps out of ongoing and long historys of Families..close friends and all too Personal types..and def multiple.. events and etc.or maybe too much heavy studies to a few folks here Yonder lol;') is... of course.... The Djinn.
    For the record by the way I'm sure Bf..or at least some types of etc..can and do cloak and such..and as sadly as it is in My ends i have zero evidence to run with or to show...however im past convinc3d Scott has alteady landed the video evdience in the years past..and bar none!! And although I'm just not sure what is exactly here...i do know it's legit...real. ..and sure to be a thing very atypical to say the very least lol!!
    But overall my gut keeps telling me this is a may be for one of Them.

  5. And for the portals....indeed Sknwlkr ranch..tbe study and book and the folks involved back then is all superb and phenomenal sources of info!!
    But...theres more still!!
    For so is our awesome(and like Scott., highly respected and trusted as well..btw) friend and fellow investigator-Author,, and life long "Experiencer" and renown Fortean and unknown critter- creature
    student..Mr Bart Nunnelly!!
    In case you've not had the distinct pleasure...i highly recomend his work called "Mysterious Kentucky".
    To be brief..the same and indeed quite similar circumstances were spken and reported directly where portals were witnessed and not only ND Types but others(as in DM and others!!) Seem to end up poppin out of or seemingly somehow jumping..running or at tines unfolding into and out of the Green River/ Henderson KY regions!!! His and his family's encounters and events and run in with so many and so much of what really makes this multipile srate region world famous for is also one everyone should learn about...being that while many are curious or etc etc if not absolutely set on avoiding us humans....some of them and defintley other species and types of unknowns can be a living night mare for family's that become involved in such horrific events and situations.
    (And these are the folks I wish everyone out therewould keep in mind and prayer and hope to help out the most..long and short runs. May God Bless them all. they need all the help..kindness..and credible data and as many facts and info as possible(very much bein the works and researching of Scott..Bart..and the very few others out there that have always gotten data the hard and best ways-by giving thier all and thn some.. shared it and for those acts and actions..among others..we are truly thankful of and for !!)

  6. If you Google Fayette county Pennsylvania bigfoot encounter October 1973, there is a fascinating story about a simultaneous ufo and bigfoot encounter on a small farm, where a walking bigfoot was shot at and immediately vanished. This story goes beyond just a farmer's tale. The state police were called and investigated the incident that night along with a crypto-investigator by the name of Stan Gordon.the officer and Gordon witnessed a strange encounter involving the ufo landing area.