Friday, December 30, 2016

Entities and Portals - Part 1

This video was captured in September of 2016. I  was camping with his family at a local campground and decided to take a walk in the nearby woods. This area has a history of odd occurrences and I captured video footage of a Bigfoot in these woods back in the summer of 2010. While walking I was taking video on my back trail camera. 

The "Entities"
I captured a “predator” like distortion and as I walked father away from the anomaly two entities began to materialize. One entity was on the left side of the trail in the dense foliage while a second smaller entity was in the middle of the trail. The entities manifest and become more defined but they remain translucent through the entire video. 

These entities go from cloaked to visible during the video. This could be the first time the phenomenon known as a “portal” has been captured on video. As I walked away from the anomaly the outline of the event horizon can be viewed. The portal was in the shape of a circle.


  1. As always Scott,thank you for sharing. And as far as i know of and more over as far as my closest friends/fellow Investigators amd Forteans know of,..your likley correct. this is very possibly a major first,,..congrats on another one,.Sir!!
    I'm past speechless here. Incredible. And Just mind numbing.
    And as much as they get under my skin,.LOL,..I'd enjoy being witness to those most critical of folks,. The professioanl skeptics and associated academic scoffers attempting to "breakdown" and/or "debunk" this one for sure,..Indeed!!
    Thanks agin,.and please keep up the outstanding work Sir!!
    (P.S,..hope you and yours have a Blessed,.and wonderful holiday season,.and a Blessed,.safe,.Happy and healthy New Year!!)

  2. Just another thought. Scott,.I was wondering,..did the woods 'go out' when this occurred?? Silented,..that horrible dead quite deal we all know and worry About? Reasons being another odd and very Peculiar sighting and event that surfaced not too long back. And one I for sure would be very interested to know somethung about in comparison, in how close in resemblance the subjects you've filmed here is with the "entity" witnessed by Dr Bruce Maccabees wife while bow hunting in her tree stand(I'm positive you recall the account Scott,..but for anyone that doesn't,..please look up that encouter amd photo,..she took while bow hunting via a tree stand near their property/home,'s easy to locate. It's also in one of David Paulides books,.a more recent one of the series. And thanks to Dave for the info,.for he is where I learned of it first..and im thinking he was the Investigator initially responsible for getting the data documented and out to the public as well!
    Absolutely chilling encounter and experience!!
    And, more further note,..we can bet many will recall the disturbing somewhat likeness to the repotered appearance of that dreadful creature/entity referred to as "Predator",..via unforgettable(and sadly quite often overtly horrific) events involving The Ranch in UT....

  3. Great job Scott. From what I can see, you must have walked
    through the anomaly prior to the manifestation. Did you
    feel any physical effects as you walked through? I somehow
    get the feeling that what we are seeing is not a clear
    case of a bigfoot type creature. Or if we are, the creatures are being released here as part of their life
    cycle. I am still on the fence about a few things. Not if they are real or not, but if they are in control of their
    actions. A flesh and blood creature that has all the capabilities we assign to it and is just a local resident
    well, I guess that's what makes this so interesting.
    Thanks again.