Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Possible Bigfoot Running Between Trees in National Park

On April 12th, 2015 my wife and I were in the National Park in an area known for wild flowers. We went off to ourselves to eat lunch. While eating lunch we heard bipedal foot falls coming toward us. Then suddenly the foot falls stopped. A couple minutes later I spot a large completely black figure move between the trees approximately 300 feet away from us. 

I was sitting on a log, my camera is mounted on a mono-pod. I am slowly panning the camera around in a circle. When I saw the subject I did not know if I had the camera pointed in that direction. When I reviewed the video footage fortunately I did and captured the below footage. It is not conclusive but interesting. I find it unlikely there is a "ninja" hiker in the mountains, dressed in all black from head to toe, walking through thick waist high scrub brush, but ya never know....


  1. Scott, the best part of this story is the fact you and wife experienced
    together. I just learned my high school sweetheart, my first wife has
    died from cancer. Treasure your time together.

  2. It seems to me the way this walks is kind of weird for a person. Maybe I am not seeing it in the right perspective. Just seems odd to me.