Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gut Feeling Bigfoot

Do you ever just get a “gut” feeling about something? When you are a Bigfoot researcher you rely heavily on your gut. When I began my research I was warned about a phenomenon called “marking”. When you encounter a Bigfoot and they realize you know what they are they appear to designate you somehow. Some think it’s when they use infrasound on you or “zap” you that this “marking” takes places. However or whenever it occurs I can attest that it happens. 

It happen to me on my first expedition in August of 2009. I had stumbled upon a “day shelter” full of Honey Suckle and Sheep Sorrel. I had apparently roused a Bigfoot out of its “watch out post”. Moments after finding the shelter I heard loud bi-pedal foot falls splashing through a nearby mud hole. When I went to investigate I was subjected to what I can only call “infrasound”. I had an immense felling of dread, ringing in the ears, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up, and I was having the fight or flight response. I managed to shake off the effects and continue on my investigation but after this event I found that I could “feel” the Bigfoot whenever they were nearby. 

I know logically this makes no sense and many people will dismiss it, but it is real and I do not have a “logical” explanation. I just know the feeling I get and at times it can be disturbing. Being marked by a Bigfoot it is a two way street in most cases and in my opinion more of a curse than a blessing. I have traveled hundreds of miles from my home and found if I stay in the area for more than twenty four hours the local Bigfoot in the area will seek me out. This making apparently can be sensed by any local Bigfoot. 

On Sunday, March 29th of 2015 I had one of my gut feelings. I was hiking with my wife in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on a trail that has a history of Bigfoot activity. We stopped to take a break when I began to have the “feeling”. My attention was drawn to an area across a ravine approximately 300 feet away from us. I filmed the area slowly with my camera on full zoom. Though I did not spot anything while on the trail later review found the familiar “dark coke bottle” look of two deep set eyes peering around a tree at us.

I was able to capture a few seconds of this on as he looked at us. During the video he comes out from behind the tree as if it knows I am filming in his direction. The Bigfoot at times not present, other times it is looking down and to its left, while for a brief few moments it is looking directly at the camera.


I have no tangible explanation for the gut feeling, I only know it happens, and it has helped me get footage of the Bigfoot on many occasions.

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  1. Scott, have you ever had the feeling of being over heated by the
    encounters with infra-sound. Just tonight I listened to a You Tube
    interview with a mountain bike racer that was in the Canadian mountains with others and encountered what he thought was infra-
    sound and felt the need to disrobe. It was 40 degrees. He sounded
    sincere. The correlation was made to the reports in the Missing 411
    books by David Paulides about people being found missing clothes.
    Just another piece of the puzzle.