Thursday, May 8, 2014

The "Stuff" Nigtmares are Made Of.....

Though this is a "Bigfoot" blog I am posting the enhancement of the "Dogman" for a reason. It is to let those you are thinking about researching and just people in general know that there are things in the wilderness that no one told you about.

This encounter happen while I was "Bigfoot" researching. I had my back turned to this creature and the entire incident was caputed by a "backtrail" camera. I had no clue I had captured this footage until I reviewed the video at a later time.

This video makes many in the research world extremely uncomfortable. Some try to explain it away as a "bear" or "wild hog" standing on its hind legs. But then they see the grey colored entity on the shoulder of the "Dogman" with a flesh colored face and then the "uhhhhhhs" and "that's weird" start flying.

It's a fact that many need to accept, things are not the way we have been led to believe. My thought is be careful, always go into the wilderness in pairs, and be aware of what IS really out there.


  1. that video still just creeps me out, i live in akron ohio, i was listening to a few of blogtalk radio programs and twice i heard they had a dogman sighting here in one of the metro parks, and that linda godfrey had come not too far from here, norton ohio, ive been looking on here for anything i can think of to find any more info about this, just kinda wanna know because im an avid bike rider in one of the metro parks here so i would kind of like to know, i would of never ever thought there would be a dogman sighting here, southern ohio yes. anyway, i really enjoy your videos scott, stay safe.

  2. Wow!!!! Just watched the video. I was browsing the site here, after posting over on your Dogman page, asking you if you would please post the video you had promised, and here it is, lol Thank you for posting Scott . . . This is the first video since Patty that I have seen and thought, "Wow, that looks REAL!"

  3. Thank you for posting, Scott. My great-grandmother saw something outside the window of a small cabin she was staying in alone. She said it had red glowing eyes and growled at her. She threatened it with a red hot fire poker, lol She was a tough old gal. I've always wondered if it might have been a Dogman that she saw. This is an amazing video. I tend to view things analytically and usually dismiss most of the Bigfoot, Cryptid videos I see. Not so with this one.