Monday, May 5, 2014

New Software Reveals New Details from Bigfoot Video Captures

I had been waiting for the software to catch up and it finally has. The "stabilization" programs have now inexpensive and easy to use. I recently purchase a product called "CyberLink Power Director 12". The video enhancement components are fantastic and are breathing "new life" into old videos. New details are visible now that stabilization, denoise, and quality adjustments are quick, simple, and inexpensive.

Below is a look at the "Bigfoot In the Laurels" video. In my opinion one of the best videos of a Bigfoot in its "natural environment". Hiding and observing me while my back is turned. With the stabilization program the Bigfoot is much easier to spot and during the part of the video where I begin to turn and the Bigfoot moves backwards is the best part. You can see the separation between the Bigfoot and the foliage.


  1. Wow that's really a great video with your new software. Awesome job. Looking forward to more videos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW....EPIC!!! Amazing work Scott!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome find!
    Continued success, Kim's