Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Paleface Anomaly - Enhacnements

I continue working with older videos using my new software. This is the "Paleface Anomaly" that I captured in 2010. Is it just shadows and vegetation or is it more?


  1. That's definitely a face back there moving slightly. There's a smaller face to the right also. Many encounters have reported grey faces. Too bad as you zoomed in the subject got blurry. It appears that it's profile showed a protruding nose. Is there any Wildman history from the folks that lived in the Cades Cove area beginning in the 1820's before they were displaced beginning in the late 1920's ? You know there would have had to be some encounters based on what you have found to be there now. Great work Scott !

  2. I really really like this new software you are using. I try to check in every day to see if you have analyzed something else. Miss your post about your adventures in the woods. I know is't been cold and miserable weather, hopefully you can get out more when the temps are better. Looking forward to new videos.

  3. Well, I think he's to big to be a fairies. I think its forest person. Definitely see a face. Good job!