Tuesday, May 20, 2014

David Paulides Releases New Book in the 411 Series - Missing 411 The Devil's in the Detail

My friend David Paulides has released a new book in his Missing 411, "The Devil's in the Detail". Its a GREAT read!!! You can purchase the book at the following link: The Devil's in the Detail.

David also announced his book on Coast to Coast, it was a great interview.


  1. I listened to this broadcast the other night and rate this appearance on the show as great. I like it when he said one of the children when asked who abducted them said "some big hairy guy who was peeking from around the tree". Sounds like a bigfoot to me. Going to pick up a copy of this book.

  2. Thanks for this great news Scott! Very much appreciated,as I was hoping a new book would be out soon. David's work has changed a few things for me,mainly my amount of caution when out,not just in the wilderness,but everyday as well,for I live in a remoter area of sorts. And,the absolute need for others to know of,and learn about Dave's books,and the implications therein. It seems some consider this subject fascinating reading,witch it is. However, instead of learning of these tragic cases,and considering it a mystery,and spooky,.as well as something that one hopes they never have to deal with,etc,I hope to see more folks get activlly involved in spreading the awareness of these books,and the Study.
    its made some positive,and drastic changes into my study's,and learning of the great,collective "unknown". There's quite obviously issues involved here that are perhaps the very definition of the unknown. That needs to change,and the sooner the better. After reading the books multiple times,and following Dave's work for a while,.i truly see what he's discoverd as being one of the most complex,widespread and tragic phenomena,perhaps in the history of time.

  3. This series of books are fantastic, along with Dave's other books on bigfoot (Tribal Bigfoot, Hoopa Project). I met Dave when he came here to Phoenix to speak at a MUFON meeting and he is a fantastic presenter! All of Dave's past interviews on C2C are worth a listen. :-)

  4. great interview,as always, The subject gets stranger and stranger...and David paulides work is getting better and better...never heard a bad interview yet..

  5. Scott, thanks for the interview. I fell asleep that night and woke up
    at the very end. Looks like I'll have to get another of Dave's books
    to complete my set. I think the time has come that we all take another
    look at this whole UFO, bigfoot thing to see if there is some connection
    that many refuse to even consider. Too many pieces of the puzzle are
    not fitting together.

  6. Ok. I got Dave's new book and it lives up to the level of his previous
    ones with some added breakdowns and charts. Good info. If we are
    assuming that bigfoot alone is responsible for the missing folks ( my
    assumptions, not Dave's ) I would like to point out that in most of the
    cases nothing is found. Think how a bigfoot would carry something
    like a person over miles of rugged terrain. Probaly over its shoulder
    and we are supposed to believe nothing would fall out of pockets or
    backpacks. In my mind that is unlikely to happen. However if the same person was picked up by a UFO by what ever those guys use,
    everything would be brought along, pocketknives, carkeys, loose change, cellphones, compasses, waterbottles or what ever else is
    capable of falling out. I encourage everyone that walks the outdoors
    to read these books and study them to see if you can agree with my
    theory that bigfoot alone is not the reason people turn up missing.

    1. To Old Man,.Sir,I would like to say thanks for your comment. You are as sharp as always! This is something very important,,and surly not to be overlooked. Unfortunately most do.
      When it comes to this subject,.we are forced to step outside of our comfort zone,.to a great degree in many situations and subjects.
      Since learning of this phenomena(Dave's work and books) I've learned more in the last couple years than in my entire life!! And,it started out for myself,but quickly developed into a strong need to learn,.to help others,for in the future if these phenomena can be understood,and stopped,.think of all the folks,and family's that will never have to go through something as horrific and tragic as the work shows is happening,and will continue to happen perhaps as it has all along human history. Lately,.it's occured to me,just about All the Infos out there,one just needs to search,look,weed out the junk from the good(witch is a daunting task in itself!!) and never stop learning! However,,this is,as Scott has said about other subjects,".a double edged sword". It's often detrimental to ones lifestyle to learn of such things as the true "unknown",.and changes many things,.some not for the better at all. But with knowledge comes power,and hopefully the power will help many people,and family's in the near future.