Monday, March 17, 2014

Bigfoot Research - Tree Arches

From time to time I find tree arches that do not make any sense. There will be no limbs or other trees in the area to bend the tree over. Many times the tree is healthy, the weather stable, and it happens during the summer so snow or other factors can not bend the tree. In many instances the tree is wedged or "tied" down buy wrapping the end in other limbs. In some cases the bend is beside another tree and inserted between the limbs of this tree.

Recently I found this still alive tree arch that was bent between the limbs of another tree. So there are unbroken limbs above and below the arch. No dead fall on the ground around the tree....

Are these trail markers? Territorial markers? In 2011 I had an odd occurrence with tree arches. I take a same path into the feeding station each trip. The path is not on a "normal" trail, I literally just take off up the hill following the same route each time. With no extreme weather of other natural causes I find several trees, alive, healthy, with leaf growth bent over into an arch along the exact path way I take into the feeding station. Coincidence or happen stance? Or did the Bigfoot mark my route?

Other researchers have documented similar findings. The tree arches yet another piece to the Bigfoot mystery.


  1. I can't find the video right now but I saw one a couple of weeks ago where a former park ranger was talking about the Sasquatch. He said if you go into an area and a tree has been broken off it's a sign meaning that territory belonged to whoever broke the tree He also said if you ever see one be thankful because not everybody gets the privilege He was a cool guy!

  2. Found it!

  3. Sure seems the X's could mean stay out but wonder if that means you or other bigfoot or both? The X does make a pretty effective barrier you can't miss it. Also, on the bent trees seeing the leafy part of the tree at the ground level struck me that it could provide cover wondering if that is a factor in any way? As always more questions than answers.

  4. Great video.. Thank you for sharing it.. ;-)

  5. It seems like I've seen bent over trees in the woods many times over the years, but never thought much about it. Did you see the last couple of videos posted on this site that were taken in proximity to Brevard, NC ? It's hard to tell if it's a hoax or not. Not far from your research area.

  6. Anyone who spends time in the woods will see tree arches sooner
    ot later. I always wrote these off as natural anomalies. In fact. I would
    often study them to understand why they grew the way they did. While most can be explained as natural, some do defy logic and may
    in fact be the result of external influence. The most obvious is the tree
    that has leaves showing the under side facing up. That is the result
    of the tree being recently bent over. Of course the question is still, by
    what ?